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Cheese and raisin pie

Cheese and raisin pie

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Put the raisins to soak in hot water.

Mix the ingredients for the countertop, the butter should be at room temperature, knead until you get a ball of dough, then spread it with your hands in a round tray and lift it on the walls of the form. Put the form in the cold.

Prepare the filling: drain the raisins, mix the cottage cheese with eggs with the mixer, pour the liquid cream, semolina, vanilla sugar, vanilla and raisins. Pour the cheese composition over the dough in the pan, then prepare the topping. Mix the soft butter with the flour and sugar and form crumbs that are placed over the cheese.

Place the tray in the hot oven, over low heat, until the composition closes well. Remove and leave to cool, then powder with powdered sugar.


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