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Chocolate Martini a la Laren recipe

Chocolate Martini a la Laren recipe

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Chocolate HEAVEN! I used to work at a restaurant. He concocted this recipe and I've been hooked ever since!

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IngredientsServes: 2

  • 125ml chocolate liqueur
  • 90ml vodka
  • 25g plain chocolate, grated

MethodPrep:5min ›Ready in:5min

  1. In a cocktail shaker full of ice, combine chocolate liqueur and vodka. Shake vigorously and strain into 2 chilled martini glasses. Garnish with chocolate shavings.

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by naples34102

I am typically only a wine drinker, but ever since my first Chocolate Martini some years ago I have made it part of my Friday night tradition! Best made with Van Gogh Dutch Chocolate Vodka and Amsterdam Chocolate Liqueur, which is clear. Throw your martini glass in the freezer till good and frosty, squirt a decorative design of Hershey's syrup inside (or chocolate ganache if you're ambitious) and shake that martini mix till it's good and frosty cold. Ahhh, absolute Friday night bliss!-10 Oct 2008


I LOVE chocolate martinis!! want to make your chocolate martini more sinful? use 3 oz chocolate vodka (I use 3 olive chocolate vodka because its more of a dark chocolate than Van Gogh chocolate vodka, but theyre both good)!-06 Feb 2005


I dipped the rim of my martini glasses in melted chocolate, like you would a margarita glass in salt. I just melted some semi-sweet chocolate in saucer and dipped the rim of the glass then chilled. Looked very elegant and tasted wonderful but keep a napkin handy!-16 Mar 2003

The Ultimate Chocolate Martini Cocktail Recipe

My Chocolate Martini recipe uses three simple ingredients: vanilla vodka, Godiva chocolate liqueur, and creme de cacao to make a deliciously balanced vodka martini. Modifications are listed if you wish to make this recipe dairy-free and still have the best homemade chocolate martini without the bar bill or a cab ride home.

There used to be a place I used to go in Queens called Lounge Bartini. Every single drink was served in a martini glass. At the time, it was a hip place to go. And seemingly everyone was having a good time. But like some establishments, they didn't keep the good vibe up.

No matter. When you know how to make a good drink at home, there is no need to go out. And for what you'll spend on a single drink, you can just about buy a bottle of decent quality at the local liquor store.

Best of all, when it's time to go home, you won't need an Uber either.

Now, if you have a love of chocolate, then here is a drink that might satisfy that need for something chocolatey while also satisfying the something sweet and something that will bring a bit of a buzz. It's the perfect pick me up or wind down to a long week (or day).

White Chocolate Peppermint Martini - Simple, …

White Chocolate Martini Recipe. INGREDIENTS 2 ounces of vodka 2 ounces of simple syrup 4 ounces of white chocolate it should be roughly chopped ½ cup. Yellow Cake Mix Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. INGREDIENTS 1 box or can of extremely moist yellow mix cake 1/2 cup of melted or room temperature butter 1 or 2. White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie Recipe 27.04.2020 · Godiva Chocolate Liqueur 1.5 oz Chocolate Syrup Step 1. Add chocolate syrup to a chilled glass. I used these cocktail glasses, which are the perfect size. Step 2. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Step 3. Add peanut butter whiskey and chocolate liqueur to …

White Chocolate Martini Recipe -

30.12.2019 · There really are no options for a non-alcoholic white chocolate martini, but you can substitute the white chocolate liqueur for a chocolate liqueur. You could also forget the half-and-half … 07.06.2015 · Deselect All. 6 ounces white chocolate, such as Lindt, chopped, plus more for grating, optional. 1/3 cup vodka, chilled in the freezer. 2 tablespoons sugar

White Chocolate Martini - The Spruce Eats

03.11.2019 · White Chocolate Martini. Making a white chocolate martini with vanilla vodka, and white chocolate liqueur is easy! This white martini is simple and delicious! … 14.11.2019 · You can make this a white chocolate peppermint martini by using white chocolate liqueur, clear creme de cocoa, and white chocolate for garnish. Or substitute Amaretto for the peppermint … 13.02.2012 · A classic chocolate mint martin uses creme de menthe and white chocolate liqueur for big flavor, but a creamy chocolate mint martini adds half and half to give the drink a more decadent twist. At the holidays, a peppermint schnapps-based chocolate mint martini …

10 Best White Chocolate Martini Recipes | …

19.11.2006 · DIRECTIONS Pour liqueur and vodka into a shaker filled with ice. If you wrap a towel around the shaker it will make the drink. Sprinkle dark chocolate shavings on top and pour into 2 martini … 06-11-2020 - Making a white chocolate martini with vanilla vodka, and white chocolate liqueur is easy! This white martini is simple and delicious! 10.07.2020 · How to make a chocolate martini. Garnish: Swirl a martini glasses, from the bottom up, with chocolate sauce. Shake: Add the Irish cream, vodka, and chocolate liqueur to a cocktail shaker with the ice. Shake vigorously for 20-30 seconds, then fine-strain into the prepared martini …

Светильник Lightstar 803110 Simple Light /

РекламаСтильные подвесные светильники в магазине ВамСвет! Выгода до 76%! Новинки! · Москва · 152938 · пн-вс 9:00-21:00 19.10.2020 · This white chocolate martini recipe is fun, potent and delicious. It’s decadent without being over the top and is a perfect holiday sipping cocktail. This is the type of cocktail that is perfect for sipping. My grandmother used to call just about every cocktail ‘potent,’ but this one truly is. Dec 3, 2019 - Making a white chocolate martini with vanilla vodka, and white chocolate liqueur is easy! This white martini is simple and delicious!

Start Your Weekend Right With This Simple …

04.05.2018 · Chocolate Martini Cocktail Rate this recipe Your rating Rate this a 1: Couldn't eat it Rate this a 2: Didn't like it Rate this a 3: It was OK Rate this a 4: Liked it … Chocolate Martini a la Laren. Chocolate Martini a la Laren Rating: 4.3 stars. 34. "Perfect, simple vodka martini recipe. First time martini-drinker (my wife) liked it." – Tacketts Mill Farm. Read More. 61232.jpg. Espresso Martini. Espresso Martini РекламаСиденье для унитаза Neo Uno White SO с микролифтом BERGES WASSERHAUS! · Москва · ежедневно 8:00-23:00

White Chocolate Martini - Pint Sized Baker

white creme de cacao, licor 43, light cream, strawberries, Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur and 2 more Espresso chocolate martini Sainsbury's Magazine espresso, coffee liqueur, dark chocolate… Classic White Chocolate Martini Recipe. Many people choose Godiva white chocolate liqueur for this recipe, but there are other brands you can try as well. White chocolate has a sweet, smooth flavor derived from cocoa butter, sugar, vanilla, and dairy, and it isn't technically a chocolate at all. White Chocolate Martini, Santa Monica, California. 491 likes · 7 talking about this. Jazz standards, blues, soul, jazzy arrangements of (mostly 80s/90s) pop tunes. 5 piece - vocals, keys, bass.

White D' – Более 10000 брендов онлайн

РекламаИнтернет-магазин Новые поступления каждую неделю · пн-вс 10:00-22:00 24.04.2021 · Fill a mixing glass or tumbler three-fourths full with ice. Add vodka and creme de cacao stir until condensation forms on outside of glass. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish as desired. Creamy Chocolate Martini… Simple and Delicious Chocolate Martini Recipe. We'll Even Deliver all of the Ingredients to Your Door in the Next Hour! Let's Get the Party Started.

How To Use Barrel Aged Gin In Cocktails

Bond Girl cocktail, courtesy Baltimore Spirits Co.

Over the past decade, barrel-aged gins have become an increasingly common sight. The spirit has both the botanicals of a classic gin and the smooth barrel notes of a whiskey. But even though it’s more common, there’s just one problem: What are you supposed to do with it?

McClintock Distillery in Frederick, MD planned to produce a barrel-aged gin even before it opened its doors to the public in December of 2016. The idea, says co-founder Braeden Bumpers, was to add complexity and depth to McClintock’s gin recipes. Only, there weren’t too many barrel-aged gins on the market at the time, and Bumpers wasn’t sure what the response would be. It didn’t take long for him to find out, though. In 2018, McClintock’s Reserve Gin won double gold in the gin category at the New York International Spirits Competition — the first barrel-aged gin to ever wine double gold.

“We were absolutely shocked and didn't expect to even medal there,” Bumpers says. “We took that as a sign that the spirits industry is certainly open to barrel-aged gins.”

The category has been slowly chugging along since around 2008, when Citadelle released Réserve, one of the first modern barrel-aged gins. Ransom Spirits’ barrel-aged Old Tom Gin followed shortly after. By 2014, there were around 50 on the market, and by 2015 a range of media outlets from industry-focused drinks publications to NPR were talking about this upstart style of gin. Now barrel-aged gin is coming into its own and brands like McClintock and Cutwater Spirits, which won gold at the 2018 New York International Spirits Competition for its Barrel Rested Old Grove, are scooping up tasting awards.

Still, four years and many (many) barrel-aged gin releases after the category got mainstream attention, consumers are still generally perplexed.

“One of the most common things I see at our events and tastings is people coming up to try the ‘whiskey,’” Bumpers says. “When I tell them that it is a gin, not a whiskey, they say that gin should be clear and then are very curious about trying the ‘gold gin.’”

Trail Distilling co-owner Sara Brennan encounters much of the same, saying that many consumers “don’t know about it or assume it’s an Old Tom Gin” when confronted with the Oregon City, OR brand’s Trillium Barrel Reserved Gin, a silver winner at the 2018 NYISC. One way to decipher the spirit is to look to the past.

Barrel-aged gin isn’t a truly new concept. The Dutch spirit genever was a precursor to modern gin and is made with a barrel-aged malt liquor. Later, gin was stuck in a barrel as a mode of transportation and storage in the 18th and early 19th centuries, where it naturally picked up some oak characteristics. Technology has eliminated the need for barrel transportation, leaving wood as a modifier rather than a necessity. Today, distillers are experimenting with the different flavors that certain barrels add by aging gin in old Madeira, bourbon, wine, rye, and Cognac casks. Others, like Caledonia Spirits in Hardwick, VT for its Barr Hill Tom Cat Reserve , use new American oak barrels.

That experimentation means that how you use a barrel-aged gin largely depends on the gin itself. “I used to be steadfast when we released our Reserve gin that it only should be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, and I think a lot of people come to the table with that preconception,” Bumpers says. “After seeing cocktails that the industry have come up with for barrel aged gins, I have completely come around on mixing these gins.”

Swapping barrel-aged gin for bourbon or other classic whiskey cocktails is usually the first step in learning how to use the spirit. In general, “cocktails that lean toward cool weather months can be replaced with barrel-aged gin,” says Krissy Harris, owner of Jungle Bird in New York City. She adds, “I like to let the characteristics of the particular barrel aged gin drive the end cocktail.”

courtesy Trillium Distilling

Another guideline to keep in mind: Longer aged gins work well with drinks like an Old Fashioned or Manhattan, while gins with a lighter barrel influence work well with cocktails like an Aviation or Bees Knees. “I like to focus on the vanilla flavors when mixing barreled gin,” says Max Lents, founder of Baltimore Spirits Co., which makes Shot Tower Barreled Gin. “I often start by subbing it in for a bourbon or rye, carrying the vanilla notes that already work with the cocktail and giving it a unique botanical twist.”

For gins with strong barrel flavors, using a barrel-aged gin instead of rum is another option, says Barbara Molloy, bar manager at Corgi Spirits, which was named New Jersey Gin Distillery of the Year at the 2018 NYISC. The brand’s barrel-aged Very Merry has sweet notes of figs and raisins, and is used in cocktails that use infused syrups, ginger, orange and typical tiki ingredients.

“Whiskey cocktails are the obvious start, but subbing it in for cocktails traditionally made with an aged rum is awesome,” says Barr Hill beverage director Sam Nelis. “The [barrel-aged] Tom Cat is a go-to for me when creating tiki cocktails or building off of classic tiki drinks.” Outside of rum and gin, there are some surprising spirits barrel-aged gin can replace or join. “It plays really well with others,” Nelis says. “Using it to blend with another aged base spirit in cocktails tends to work really well, say apple brandy, a Cognac or an añejo tequila.”

One twist on a classic that pretty much everyone agrees works with barrel-aged gin is the Martinez. What it shouldn’t be used for is long drinks like a Gin and Tonic, since the barrel aging softens the aromatics and a heavy hand with the tonic only dilutes the flavors that make barrel-aged gin special. Also to be avoided are Martinis. “It is pretty versatile in most classics,” Harris says, “but its vanilla and woody quality wouldn't play too well in a Martini, specifically if it was dirty.”

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with paring it all down to as simple as it gets. When asked about how he drinks the spirit, Lents replied: “As a sipper! Think you don't like to sip on gin? Think again!”

Figuring out how to use barrel-aged gin is something that the bar industry should get used to, because the trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Harris has seen this first hand since first experimenting with Ransom’s Old Tom Gin (recipe below) while working at Gramercy Tavern in the mid 2000s. Today, things have changed exponentially.

“With instant information at their fingertips, guest are seeking the hot spirit or cocktail of the moment,” Harris says. “With gin rapidly growing in popularity in the US (yay!), it only makes sense that the interest in barrel aged gin would also grow.”

Besides, who doesn’t want to be the person in the know? “Everyone knows a London Dry Gin & Tonic,” Harris says, “but a barrel-aged gin Old Fashioned. now that’s street cred.”

Once you’ve taken a stab at the classics, give these five originals a try.

The (New) Old Fashioned

2 oz McClintock Reserve Gin

.75 oz raw cane simple syrup infused with rosemary, lemon and orange oils

4 dashes Angostura bitters

Stir Reserve, simple syrup, and bitters with ice. Serve in a rocks glass over ice and garnish with rosemary sprig.

The Bond Girl

from Baltimore Spirits Co.

2 oz Barreled Shot Tower Gin

Add all ingredients to mixing glass and add ice. Stir and strain into coupe glass. Garnish with an expressed lemon peel.

Trillium Martinez Cocktail

.75 oz Trillium Barrel Reserved Gin

Shake (yes, you purists!) all ingredients with ice and serve neat.

Trillium Barrel Reserved Spring Martini

1.5 oz of Trillium Barrel Reserved Gin

Shake all ingredients with ice and serve neat.

Ransom Note

from Gramercy Tavern, New York City

courtesy Caledonia Spirits

Shake ingredients with ice. Strain into a chilled Martini glass.

Classic Tom Cat Old Fashioned

.5 teaspoon Demerara syrup

2-3 dashes of Angostura bitters

Lemon or Orange Twist, or both for garnish

Combine ingredients in a mixing glass, add ice, stir, then strain into an old fashioned glass over fresh ice. Garnish by squeezing the citrus twists over the top of the cocktail.

Rigatoni A La Vodka recipes

This recipe is an original creation specifically for the cooking contest. I used the mild It. ( more )

Prick sausage casings several times& cook in lightly salted, boiling water for 3 minutes. Dr. ( more )

"Penne in a rose sauce with bacon, deglazed with vodka. Skol!" ( more )

Cook and drain the penne pasta. Set aside. In a pan or skillet, sweat thinly sliced onions, . ( more )

"This is an easy recipe. The sauce can be made while you cook the pasta. Sprinkle with Parm. ( more )

In a large skillet over medium heat, cook garlic in olive oil until tender, 1 to 2 minutes. . ( more )

Prep: 10m Cook: 35m Servs: 6

This dish is just plain delicious, and one that can be made within 1 hr. I serve it lots of . ( more )

Put on water to boil for pasta. In a lg. frying pan saute half the garlic along with all the. ( more )

(A tasty recipe packed with good-for-you foods) ( more )

Nutrition information per serving: Calories 157, Carbohydrate 34 g, Dietary Fiber 4 g, Pro. ( more )

Mulled wine - gl&oumlgi - is a traditional Finnish alcoholic drink served hot, typically se. ( more )

Crush all the spices to release the aromas. Mix them with the vodka and port wine. Wash the . ( more )

This dish is fashioned after my favorite at Angelo's Restaurant in Wichita, Kansas. It is a . ( more )

Cook rigatoni until barely al dente, drain well. Mix ricotta with 1-2 cups of the marinara. . ( more )

5 Vodka Based Classic Cocktails

Vodka is one of the most versatile spirits out there to use as a spirit base in cocktails. While Vodka is made all over the world, it originated in Eastern Europe. The top-selling Vodka brand in the world was developed by a Russian peasant by the name of Smirnov. Pyotr Smirnov started life a poor man but when he died he was worth $130 million and one of the richest men in Russia. We want to showcase 5 Vodka Based Classic Cocktails.

There are several brands of Vodka but the most popular appear to Smirnov and Absolut. There are other brands such as Ketel One, Svedka, Grey Goose, Tito’s and Skyy. Read more about vodka-based cocktails here.

Vodka is classed as a neutral spirit that doesn’t display any definite characteristic, it is colourless and it goes down very easy! Which makes it a great base for some of the world’s most popular cocktails. Although traditionally Vodka is drunk neat and it is served chilled

When it comes to making cocktails, Vodka seems to be the one spirit that matches with just about anything. As a liquor, it makes for a very refreshing summer cocktail. It is gluten-free.

5 Vodka Based Classic Cocktails

White Russian

The White Russian cocktail is one of the top 50 rated cocktails in the world. Originally it was created by a Belgian bartender in 1949. It became more popular after the film “The Big Lebowski” premiered in 1998. It is usually made with chilled Smirnoff Vodka.



Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass with Ice.

Strain into a chilled glass with Ice.

What glass do you use?

The White Russian is traditionally served in a highball glass that will hold around six fluid ounces. Don’t forget to allow for the ice. Old Fashioned glasses can be purchased on E-Bay for $25 for a set of 4.

White Russian is a simple cocktail enjoyed by people who drink often and some who rarely do.

An alternative recipe is:



Pour vodka and coffee liqueur over ice in an Old-Fashioned glass pour over the light cream and serve.

Classic Dry Martini

James Bond’s favourite drink is the Classic Dry Martini. “Shaken, not Stirred”. Although it’s not the only drink he’s sipped throughout his adventures, he was certainly bought it into modern culture. There are two types of martini, Dry and Wet. A wet martini calls for one more measure of vermouth.

Although James Bond prefers a “shaken, not stirred” martini, sometimes it’s better to have a stirred martini, as it takes longer for the flavour to mix with the liquor. It’s a more delicate way of mixing the drink.



Fill the cocktail with ice cubes, add the vodka and vermouth. Shake well and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with olives.

To get the best out of this cocktail, make sure the vodka you are using is chilled.

Chocolate Martini A La Laren

Staying with the Martini theme of Vodka based drinks.



Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, add the vodka and chocolate liqueur.

Shake vigorously, then strain into 2 chilled martini glass.

Garnish with chocolate shavings.

Harvey Wallbanger

Another popular drink using a quality vodka is the Harvey Wallbanger. The Harvey Wallbanger was made popular in modern culture during the disco era in early 1970, even though it was reportedly developed as early as 1952 in Los Angeles.


Put several ice cubes in a tumbler and pour in

  • 1 ½ measure of vodka
  • 2 ½ measures of orange juice
  • Stir to mix. Pour 2 teaspoons, Galliano, over the top


Garnish with a slice of orange and a cherry on a cocktail stick.

Serve with a straw and stirrer.

If you want the best tasting drink and cocktails, we always recommend using the finest of spirits on the market. With that thought in mind, these 5 Vodka Based Classic Cocktails were made with Absolut Vodka.

Party Excuse: June 19 is National Martini Day

MANILA, Philippines - Call your friends over at your house and share a glass of strong, sophisticated, and sexy martini, because June 19 is National Martini Day.

Martini has earned its spot in the tabernacle of classic cocktails. It is a drink that never goes out of style and appeal on the cocktail scene. In other words, if martini is a person, it would be as seductive as femme fatale and as debonair as James Bond.

This refined drink became so quintessential over time that its triangle martini glass is now used as a standard glass in every bar. Despite the popularity of this drink, no one really knows who exactly invented martini. Memories get fuzzy and hazy from drinking alcohol, so who could blame the people who have first tasted this delicious glass of liquor?

According to, there are different claims to the origin of martini. The earliest legend has the invention in San Francisco around 1850. A bar owner, Professor Jerry Thomas, was offered a nugget of gold by a miner, who is en route to Martinez, California, to create something special, hence the name.

However, it was opposed by the city of Martinez itself. The claim is that the â&euro&oeligMartinezâ&euro was made in 1870, by a bartender named Julio Richelieu.

On the other hand, author Barnaby Conrad III, who wrote a book on the drinkâ&euro&trades history affirms that the true origin of martini is in San Francisco. But still, some New Yorker sources insist that a bartender at the Knickerbocker Hotel, named Martini di Arma di Taggia, concocted the drink in 1911.

In modern practice, the standard martini is a mix of gin coupled with dry vermouth usually in a five-to-one ratio, and garnished with an olive or a lemon twist. Since today is National Martini Day, upgrade your basic martini recipe and add some kick into your drink.

Here are some recipes by

Green Apple Martini (Green Appletini)
Fill your shaker with ice, and add 1.25 oz. of Smirnoff Green Apple Vodka, .25 oz of apple schnapps, and a splash sour mix into the shaker. Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a slice of apple.

White Grape Cosmo Martini
Combine 1.5 oz of White Grape Vokda, .25 oz triple sec, 2 oz. of cranberry juice, and 1 oz. of lemon lime soda in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake, strain, and serve in a martini glass. Add a squeeze of lemon wedge, then garnish with fresh green grapes.

Chocolate Martini a la Laren
Take 4 oz of chocolate liqueur and 3 oz of vodka, and pour over ice into a cocktail shaker. Shake and strain into two martini glasses. Finally, garnish with chocolate shavings, or a speared Hersheyâ&euro&trades kiss.

Brings May Flowers

Recipe courtesy of Morgan Stana, Bartender at Large, Washington, D.C.

“I tend to like my cocktails light and bright, and felt the Martini should be no exception,” Stana says. Grapefruit peel and Lillet Rose’s floral notes harmonize with the gin honey character Stana says the cocktail is perfect for springtime--or anytime you wish it were.

1 ½ oz. Barr Hill Gin (Gold medal winner at the 2020 NYISC)

4 dashes grapefruit bitters

Grapefruit peel, for garnish

Add the first four ingredients to a cocktail glass, add ice and stir until well-chilled. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with an expressed grapefruit peel.

We found at least 10 Websites Listing below when search with ingredients in a chocolate martini on Search Engine

Chocolate Martini Cocktail Recipe Allrecipes DA: 18 PA: 42 MOZ Rank: 60

  • Combine chocolate liqueur, creme de cacao, vodka, half-and-half, and ice in a cocktail shaker
  • Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Chocolate Martini Recipe Food Network DA: 19 PA: 42 MOZ Rank: 62

  • Mix chocolate liqueur and vanilla vodka. Add a splash of Half and Half and shake over ice
  • Line a martini glass with chocolate syrup.

Chocolate Martini Recipe: How to Make It Taste of Home DA: 19 PA: 27 MOZ Rank: 48

  • Creamy Chocolate Martini: Stir 1-2 oz
  • Half-and-half cream with the vodka and creme de cacao. Strain into a chocolate syrup-drizzled cocktail glass if desired.

10 Best Chocolate Martini Recipes Yummly DA: 14 PA: 26 MOZ Rank: 43

powdered sugar, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, Martini, chocolate and 4 more Hot Chocolate Martini The Kitchen is My Playground chocolate, Kahlua, creme de cacao, vanilla vodka, mini marshmallows Salted Caramel Chocolate Martini Home …

Chocolate Martini Better Homes & Gardens DA: 11 PA: 33 MOZ Rank: 48

  • In a pitcher, stir together the half-and-half or light cream, chocolate liqueur, and vodka
  • Place ice cubes in a martini shaker
  • Strain mixture into four to six chilled martini glasses

The Ultimate Chocolate Martini Cocktail Recipe DA: 19 PA: 48 MOZ Rank: 72

  • My Chocolate Martini recipe uses three simple ingredients: vanilla vodka, Godiva chocolate liqueur, and creme de cacao to make a deliciously balanced vodka martini
  • Modifications are listed if you wish to make this recipe dairy-free and still have the best homemade chocolate martini

Chocolate Martini Cocktail Recipe DA: 14 PA: 42 MOZ Rank: 62

Ingredients Cocoa powder, to rim glass 1 ounce chocolate liqueur (such as Godiva), plus more for rimming glass 1 ounce creme de cacao (such as Giffard)

Godiva Chocolate Martini Recipe DA: 12 PA: 39 MOZ Rank: 58

  • Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake
  • Pour into a chilled cocktail glass that is rimmed with chocolate syrup
  • Submit a Recipe Correction Advertisement
  • By trstnikki (3) Pinterest Top Picks: Our 100 Most P Top 100 Grilling Recipes.

Smirnoff Chocolate Martini Cocktail Recipes Smirnoff DA: 16 PA: 33 MOZ Rank: 57

  • Try Smirnoff's Chocolate Matrini cocktail recipe that combines Smirnoff Vanilla Flavored Vodka with Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
  • Garnish with chocolate shavings
  • Drizly ReserveBar Find in Store
  • Shake well and strain into a martini glass

How To Make The Perfect Chocolate Martini

  • All around Hershey, PA, you can find signature Hershey’s chocolate m artinis
  • But, have you tried making them right in your own home? If you've experienced the Chocolate Martini Mixology class at Hershey Lodge during Chocolate-Covered February, you already have a head start!
  • Check out the videos below, and try your hand at mixing up these famous cocktails!

Easy Chocolate Martini Recipe With Vodka

  • Rim a cocktail glass with cocoa: Wet the rim by dipping it in a small dish of the chocolate liqueur, then dip or roll it in a dish of cocoa powder
  • Pour the vodka and chocolate liqueur

Chocolate Martinis For Two Recipe Allrecipes DA: 18 PA: 42 MOZ Rank: 71

  • For extra chocolatiness I used chocolate vodka and since this was to be a "Chocolate Martini for One " I halved the recipe
  • Also since I don't like my drinks too strong in the taste of liquor I went a little lighter on the vodka
  • Won't replace my favorite chocolate martini

Godiva® Chocolate Martini Recipe

  • For an indulgent finishing touch, drizzle chocolate syrup around the inside of your martini glass before pouring
  • Impress Your Friends Chocolate drinks have been …

Chocolate Martini Recipe: How to Make a Chocolate Martini DA: 17 PA: 32 MOZ Rank: 62

  • We humbly believe our version of the Chocolate Martini is superior to the original, but everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion
  • If you feel like whipping up the old-school, creamy, sweet

Easy Cherry Chocolate Martini (only 5 ingredients

  • Fill a martini shaker half full with ice and add the chocolate liqueur, Créme de Caco, Cherry Vodka and Milk
  • Shake vigorously to combine Strain the contents into a martini glass Garnish …

Chocolate Martini Recipe Drizly DA: 10 PA: 37 MOZ Rank: 62

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice, shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds until ice cold Strain into a martini glass and serve (Optional: If you want to get fancy, grate some fresh chocolate

Homemade Chocolate Martini Recipe

Chocolate lovers will go crazy for this decadent Homemade Chocolate Martini Recipe! Made with a homemade chocolate syrup instead of chocolate liqueur, they’re not too sweet and won’t give you a stomach ache after one sip! Garnish the martini glasses with cocoa powder, chocolate curls, or a sprig of fresh mint! Chocolate Martinis TGIF! Today

Chocolate Martinis Recipes

  • Chocolate Martini

Chocolate Martini. An American Beverage, that takes 5 minutes to prepare. T .

Crystal Chocolate Martini Recipe. 1. Chill a martini glass. 2. Mix all ing .

Here's another great girls night out crafts idea, Girls Night In Spa Party: .

This is a super easy and quick dessert you can make for your sweetheart! G .

Decadent, rich, over the top, DANGEROUSLY Delicious!

Sludgy Chocolate Martini recipe

The perfect combination for the chocolate and turtle bar lover all mixed in .

The sweet taste of this chocolaty martini makes it an ideal after-dinner dr .

Dare we say it, the ultimate choctail. We'll get our coats.

Ok. so out of sheer desperation (and numerous database crashes) I created .

A slick and sexy cocktail to satisfy those chocolate cravings from Paul You .

Chocolate HEAVEN! I used to work at a restaurant. The bartender used to cre .

Blogger <a href=" .

Blogger Arlene Cummings of <a href=" .

Something really Romantic to do on Valentine's Day

Find and rate low calorie, healthy recipes at SparkRecipes. Plus use our fr .

This luxurious chocolate martini is both creamy cocktail and sweet dessert.

Chocolate Blueberry Martini Recipe

Create an elegant holiday drink by dipping martini glasses in chocolate-fla .