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Creamy polenta with feta cheese, scrambled eggs and new potatoes in sour cream sauce

Creamy polenta with feta cheese, scrambled eggs and new potatoes in sour cream sauce

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Mix the soup and milk in a pot and bring to the boil. Reduce heat to low and gradually add the malai, stirring with a whisk. Cook for 15-20 minutes, stirring frequently. Add the butter and mix. Keep warm until ready to serve.

Peel the new potatoes, cut the larger ones in half, and leave the small ones and sprinkle with salt, pepper and a little olive oil.

Bake in the oven at 200 degrees for 10-15 minutes.

Mix the sour cream with the crushed garlic, salt and pepper and add it over the potatoes in the last 5 minutes of cooking.

Meanwhile, fry the scrambled eggs.

Serve polenta with fried eggs, new potatoes, Feta cheese, a little freshly ground pepper and chopped chives.

Food for diabetics

Food for diabetics recipes: how to cook food for diabetics and the tastiest recipes for baby food, chicken food, diets for the abdomen, baby soups, creams for cakes, garnish for salmon, chicken sauces, recipes for cakes, garnishes for steaks, spices for chicken.

Easter and cake for diabetics

Rum essence, egg whites, rum all ingredients must be at room temperature. for the dough: 750 gr sifted flour 250 ml milk 30 gr normal yeast (3/4 cube) 300 gr fructose (or sugar) 3 eggs + 2 yolks 150 gr margarine for cakes 1/4 teaspoon salt.

Funny eyes

Children's food, 2-course food, 50 g of cheese, 2 slices of pepper, a piece of red, 2 kernels of milk, oil for frying

Food with spinach and chicken

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Ghost bread for Halloween

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Children's food, Food a triangle of melted cheese 2 pretzels a black olive a piece of tomato or red pepper for the nose


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Simple and fast cherry cake (for diabetics)

Sweets, Egg Cakes, 75-100 g fructose + natreen powder (or any kind of saccharin), 125ml oil (for those who do not eat monti, it can be 100 g margarine), 600 ml yogurt with strawberries, 0% fat, 0 % sugar, 150 g wholemeal flour, 150-175 g tarate wholemeal flour.

Eggs in a nest of potatoes and cheese

They passed better for two weeks since I posted on the blog, but I had good reasons. Starting with my little girl's baptism, an opportunity for a lot of running and work (I will present you, in the next few days, some of the biscuits I prepared for the sweet testimonials), and continuing with a well-deserved vacation at sea. Two busy weeks, so that kept me away from the blog and from you, the ones who cross its threshold. I promise, however, to take revenge :). For starters, I thought I'd suggest a recipe that's right for breakfast, but it also works for dinner, if you don't want to eat too complicated things. It's about some boiled eggs, in a nest of potatoes and cheese (smoked, in my case, but it works simply).

As for the preparation, nothing complicated, it only takes a while to boil the potatoes, let them cool a bit, clean them and grate them. However, all these operations can be performed in advance (even in the evening, if you want to prepare breakfast quickly). I prepared eggs in the nest in four ramekines and two larger clay pots. In comparison, I liked more how the portions came out of the ramekins, because the eggs remained softer (for larger vessels, being a larger surface, they dried a little). If you do not have ramekin to prepare individual portions, you can use a larger bowl of Jena, taking care to make, with the back of a spoon, digging for eggs. Or you can try a muffin tray (be careful, in this case, not to put too much potato, so that you have room for the egg).

Ingredients (for 6 servings):
& # 8211 potatoes 2 pcs. mari (630 g)
& # 8211 onion 1/2 pc. (70 g)
& # 8211 smoked cheese 125 g
& # 8211 eggs 6 pcs.
& # 8211 butter 30 g
& # 8211 salt, ground pepper

Preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, boil the potatoes in cold water (if they are as big as mine, cut them in half to boil faster). When the potatoes are cooked, let them cool a bit and peel them. Put them on the large-mesh grater and place them in a bowl. Mix them with onion (also grated), cheese (also on a large grater) and a little ground pepper. Homogenize and divide into ramekinuri, previously greased with butter. Press with the back of a spoon so that they form like nests. Put in the oven and leave for about 15 minutes, until the cheese pieces melt and the potatoes and onions stick in a homogeneous and slightly browned layer. Remove the dishes, break one egg in each, add a pinch of salt and put back in the oven. Leave for 5-7 minutes, depending on how well done you like the eggs to be.

Remove the dishes, grind a little pepper on top and serve immediately.

If you do not leave eggs in the oven for a long time, the yolk forms a delicious sauce. Appetizing, right?


Vargabeles, or more in Romanian, sweet cheese noodle pudding, is a dessert of Hungarian origin, very popular in Transylvania (for easy to understand reasons.), Tasty, easy to digest, consistent and, especially, to the liking of children.

N e c e s a r e:
200g wide noodles
500g cow's cheese
4 eggs
1 lemon
100g butter
100g golden raisins
100ml milk
3 teaspoons of rom
3 teaspoons vanilla sugar
3 tablespoons sugar
4 tablespoons sour cream

P r e p a r a r e:
I soaked the raisins in warm milk, mixed with rum essence.

I boiled the noodles according to the instructions on the package.

After they boiled, I drained them and passed them under a stream of cold water. I let them drain again.

I beat the whole eggs well with the sugar and the vanilla sugar.

I put the cottage cheese and mixed it. Without intending to advertise, I want to tell you that I used Raraul cheese in a 500g box, which is very creamy, it is not at all dry and crumbly.

Then I added the butter, grated lemon peel and raisins with milk.

Last time I put the noodles and sour cream and mixed lightly. I put thick and greasy cream, 36% fat.

I made vargabeles in a heat-resistant glass bowl, so I greased it on the inside with butter and sprinkled it with breadcrumbs.

I put the mixture in a bowl or put it in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for 40 minutes.

When it was evenly browned on the surface, I took the dish out of the oven and left it to cool.

Vargabeles can be served as a dessert or as a stand-alone meal, as long as it is consistent.


Whether we call them bruschettas or bruschetti, it is clear that we are referring to slices of toast, covered with a mixture of tomatoes, garlic, parsley and extra virgin olive oil. Not? Of course, the Pope of Rome does not excommunicate you if you do them differently (I hope) but that is about the classic definition. I tried to combine them with the same classic but without a doubt orientalul za & # 8217atar. The pictures below came out and some delicious fusion bruschetti, good for deceiving hunger at a time when you don't have time to cook. Arpopo, what do you do when you don't have time to cook? Your answer would be helpful. Thank you:).

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If it's morning then either a cold plate with what's in the fridge, or boiled eggs, eggs or omelette.
If it's lunch or dinner, then pasta with a sauce as simple as possible or grill meat with salad.

Usually, salad with everything: tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, hot onions, eggs, cheese and rarely, a little lean meat (if it's already done in the fridge).
ps.and a lot of parsley or dill

peeled potatoes, which come cut into cubes, which are mixed with onions and parsley and a lot of oil.

Hard question:
1. Salads (now I'm a fan of cabbage salad with cheese, balsamic vinegar, tomatoes, greens, garlic, onions and it depends on what else I have in the fridge).
2. Couscous is made quickly and is a quick garnish for any barbecue (fish or beef / chicken).
3. Almost anything done at the wok & # 8211 in 10-15 minutes you can do enough for 5 people.
4. Cream soup. carrots / pumpkin / asparagus / vegetables / tomatoes ..
5. Tarator
6. Shells & # 8211 sauce white or red (they are made quickly if cleaned :))).

We find something else, yes it's too early :)

Some quick sandwiches with something from the fridge on them, a little cheese, a tomato and greens baked for 10 minutes or some pasta or an omelet

if it's in the morning I make a pancake with cow's cheese + bran oats + egg in 2 minutes and if it's ham in the evening and I eat it simply with bread and a lot of raw garlic

I'm using a pressure cooker that I just discovered. Or tomatoes with cheese. One of two.

When I don't have time to cook, I eat what others have cooked :))) and, I must admit, sometimes it's just as enjoyable :)

Bruschetti, only to make them more filling, when I bake the bread on Teflon, with a little olive oil, I put a thin slice of cheese, and I take them off the heat, the cheese has softened a little, I put a lot of diced tomatoes and olive oil. grape seeds on top and salt and pepper, if I have a little green basil. I'm not tired of them.

& # 8211 toast and a can of yogurt in which I mix a handful of finely chopped parsley
& # 8211 pasta all & # 8217aglio, olio e pepperoncino (never lasts more than 15 minutes, I swear) :)
& # 8211 Wholemeal pasta cooked, cold, with yogurt and garlic if it makes sense, go and a piece of cold cold steak next to them :)
& # 8211 boiled egg with saltpiper, lemon, mustard, olive oil and maybe a few capers or a pickled cucumber in brine
& # 8211 Telemea cubes soaked for ten minutes in an olive oil with whatever spices seem to suit her taste (I usually put dried greens, plus slices of either garlic or fresh hot peppers).
& # 8211 and of course, in season, watermelon with cheese I miss all the rest of the year :)

Good observation with "it depends when"
In the morning: eggs in all shapes and forms, boiled omelette, eggs, with salami or cheese + tomatoes, onions, peppers
At lunch: cumin soup (my wife likes it a lot), small ones, heads or whatever else I have in the freezer. if it's not so fast, I add a straw potato or a spinach or a broccoli sauce.
Evening: like any good novel something cold. A little one, a chicken leg. Or quite often pasta. & # 8211 with bacon mushrooms + lots of sour cream and cheese.

PS: I did a speed laksa I say and I really liked it. Public opinion & # 8230 neighbors + wife, remained like this between the waters. They did not like the aroma, the smell of coconut milk. But even this soup goes fast. I'm still not sure if I can add it to the menu so I don't decide whether to put it on the list or not.

otherwise & # 8230 just good and GREAT DESIRE whatever you have on the table.

Cold sandwiches with any omelette, tuna salad, etc.
Hot sandwiches with cheese and some grilled sausages.
Pasta with homemade sauce portioned in the freezer, or with a jar of sauce bought kept for emergencies.
Greek salad. tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, feta, basil.
Pilaf & # 8211 is ready in 20 minutes.

1. bruschetti, but I also put mozzarella
2. pasta with pesto sauce
3. grated cabbage salad with a lot of dill and pieces of salted cheese
4.Sandwich & # 8211 tuna mixed with boiled egg
5. boiled potato salad (tomatoes, onions, olive oil, spices)
6.snezhanka & # 8211 Bulgarian salad of yogurt, cucumber, garlic, dill and a little walnut kernel
7. carrot and celery salad (grate, add olive oil and walnut kernels, plus spices)
8. papara with vegetables and pickles
9. polenta with milk
10. balmos

& # 8211 quick salads. One of the favorites: tuna salad (canned) with corn (also canned) and beets (in vinegar, also canned), with a lot of oregano and, for me, with hot peppers
& # 8211 bruschetti, different variations
& # 8211 sandwiches with what I have, I like the most with the cold steak combined with various
& # 8211 pasta with what I have, which olive oil and herbs of all kinds always make good. I don't like the sauces I bought, because they are too salty and too sour for me and they have modified starch, which gives me a stomach ache. Yesterday I made them with thin sliced ​​carrots (on the slicing grater) and a handful of frozen, hardened vegetables. a little olive oil, added oregano, basil, garlic powder, a tablespoon of sour cream.
& # 8211 cereal yogurt
& # 8211
& # 8211 cooked food, which I have in the fridge just in case I don't have time to cook. I can (gladly) eat soup in the morning. : D

Creamy polenta with feta cheese, scrambled eggs and new potatoes in sour cream sauce - Recipes

What I had for dinner on a rainy summer evening: chicken breast in yogurt sauce with new potatoes.
I saw the recipe with turkey breast and whole potatoes, in shell, in Click! Good appetite! no. 5/2015, but I changed it a little.
The chicken with yogurt is special, has a wonderful taste, is tender and juicy.
I also made Chicken with spiced yogurt and skewers from Chicken Breast marinated in yogurt and chicken curry.

Medium difficulty.
Preparation: 1h10 '
1-2 chicken breasts,
1kg of new potatoes,
rosemary Kotanyi,
salt and pepper from the Kotanyi mills.

For the sauce:
5 cloves of garlic,
2 tablespoons oil,
200g creamy yogurt,
juice from a 1/2 lemon,
crushed basil Kotanyi,
salt and pepper from the Kotanyi mills.

Drain the yogurt.
Wash the potatoes well and leave them in the shell. I boiled them, let them boil, then tossed the water and let them cool.

Crush the garlic, pour the oil into a thin thread and do the same with the lemon juice. Stir in the yogurt and stir until the sauce becomes fluffy. Season with salt and pepper and add the greens.

Grease with a little oil a heat-resistant form in which you place the chicken breasts, cut into three or four pieces. You can also use turkey breast :-)

Pour the yogurt sauce over to cover all the meat.

Put the potatoes in a mixture of oil and salt and pepper, to taste - I sprinkled rosemary - and put them in the pan, over the meat and yogurt sauce.
I shot them a little at the rosemary wok:

then I cut them in half.
Bake at 180 degrees C, 30-40 minutes, until the meat is well done and the potatoes are browned.

Serve hot food, decorated with basil leaves - which you have, which you do not, use dry, as I used: P

The chicken breast was tender and juicy, just like I like :-)
Too good!!

Adapted Transylvanian bulz

I was telling you yesterday that I didn't escape until I prepared a Transylvanian bulz. For practical reasons, however, I had to adapt it: instead of the polenta pot I used a common pot, and instead of polenta muzzles & # 8220indopate & # 8221 with cheese and, possibly, with sausage pieces or sheep pastrami, I walked on a layered settlement. That is, layers of hurried polenta, smoked and bellows cheese, over which I & # 8220 threw & # 8221, at the end, some scrambled eggs. And instead of baking polenta on the grill, I had to settle for a quick walk through the hot oven. It is, in fact, the Transylvanian bulz variant that you can find in the menus of many restaurants, being easier to prepare.

Regarding the & # 8220filling & # 8221, besides a good bellows cheese, I used some bacon, not too fat so as not to give even a blow & # 8220mortal & # 8221 to the stomach :). For an extra taste, I made polenta not only with water, but also with milk. Half water, half milk! Attention, I prepared bulz for several people (8 servings), so adjust the quantities as desired! You can also vary, according to your preference, the quantities of smoked and bellows cheese.

Ingredients (for 8 servings):

& # 8211 malai 500 g
& # 8211 milk 1 l
& # 8211 bacon 300 g
& # 8211 bellows cheese 500 g
& # 8211 eggs 8 pcs.
& # 8211 butter 50 g
& # 8211 salt, pepper

& # 8211 oil for frying eggs

Preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius. In a non-stick pan, heat the bacon. No other fat! Let it brown a little and remove from the heat. Boil the milk, topped with a liter of water (if you don't want to add milk, add two liters of water). Add a pinch of salt and a little corn. Bring to the boil and start to put the corn in the rain, stirring constantly with a fork or a large wooden spoon or beating with a larger tel-para (thus, make sure that no cocoons are formed). After you have put all the corn, leave it on the fire for a few more minutes, stirring constantly.

In individual pots (one for one serving) or in larger Jena pots (several servings together), place a layer of polenta. Distribute the browned bacon evenly, place another layer of polenta, then the bellows cheese. On top comes another layer of polenta. Spread the pieces of butter on the surface. Put in the hot oven and leave for about 20 minutes, until the bulge acquires an appetizing crust.

Separately, fry eggs, one for each serving. The eyes are placed over the layers of polenta, smoked and bellows cheese.

Add a pinch of salt and pepper and serve immediately. If it stays, somehow, it can be reheated the next day (preferably in the microwave because the oven would dry out excessively).

Creamy polenta with feta cheese, scrambled eggs and new potatoes in sour cream sauce - Recipes

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Black Passion Fruit Tea Cocktail

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Chicken soup with vegetables

O reteta de ciorba de pui cu legume din: piept de pui, ceapa, ardei, morcovi, rosii, dovlecei, praz, patrunjel si ulei de masline. Ingrediente: 2 piepti de pui 2 cepe 2 ardei 2 morcovi 4 rosii 2 dovlecei un fir praz o legatura patrunjel 2 linguri ulei de masline Mod de preparare

Rulouri cu legume

O reteta de rulouri cu legume din: carne de vitel, sare, piper, prosciutto crudo, branza ricotta, pasta de tomate, ardei grasi, rosii, busuioc, otet balsamic si ulei de masline. Ingrediente: 4 bucati carne de vitel (a 120 g) sare piper 4 felii prosciutto crudo (sau kaizer) 75 g branza ricotta 4 linguri pasta de masline…

Salată cu paste şi vinete

O reteta de salata cu paste si vinete din: vinete, sare, ulei de masline, piper, paste, rosii, usturoi, zahar, oregano, busuioc si mozzarella. Ingrediente: 300 g vinete sare 5 linguri ulei de masline piper 300 g paste scurte 500 g rosii 2 catei de usturoi 2 linguri zahar 1/2 legatura oregano 2 crengute busuioc 200…

Frigaruie picanta de carnaciori

O reteta de firgaruie picanta de carnaciori din: boabe de ienupar, cuisoare, foaie de dafin, cimbru, rozmarin, ulei, carnaciori, ardei gras, ceapa verde, sare, piper, smantana, hrean si suc de lamaie. Ingrediente: 4 boabe de ienupar 1 lingurita boabe de piper negru 2 cuisoare 1 foaie de dafin 1/2 lingurita cimbru 1 varf de cutit…

File de somon si cartofi

O retete de file de somon si cartofi din: file de somon, sare grunjoasa, piper, lamaie, ulei de masline, frunze marar, cartofi, usturoi si ulei de masline. Ingrediente: 4 bucati file de somon sare grunjoasa piper negru macinat si boabe o lamaie 2-3 linguri ulei de masline 3-4 frunze marar un kg cartofi mici o…

Paste cu mazăre la tigaie

O reteta de paste cu mazare la tigaie din: mazare, chifla, amestec de carne tocata, ou, ceapa, mustar, sare, piper, unt, ardei grasi, sos de vita, amidon, farfalle si brandy. Ingrediente: 500 g mazare proaspata (pastai) 1 chifla veche de 1 zi 300 g amestec de carne tocata 1 ou 1 ceapa mica 1-2 linguri…

Carne tocată pe grătar

O reteta de carne tocata la gratar din: usturoi, cimbru, boia de ardei dulce, sare, piper, carne tocata, pesmet, seminte de anason, fruct stea, rosie, branza feta, ou si ulei de masline. Ingrediente: 3 catei de usturoi 1 lingurita cimbru uscat boia de ardei dulce sare piper 1 kg carne tocata 2 linguri pesmet cate…

Aperitiv cu dovlecei

O reteta de aperitiv cu dovlecei din: dovlecei, marar, oua, crema de branza, unt, malai, sare grunjoasa, piper, ceapa verde, ou, smantana, mustar, ulei de masline si rosii. Ingrediente: 3 dovlecei 2 legaturi marar 2 oua 150 g crema de branza 150 g pesmet 50 g unt 3 linguri malai sare grunjoasa piper negru macinat…

Ficăţei de curcan la cuptor

O reteta de ficatei de curcan la cuptor din: ficat de curcan, lapte, ulei de masline, otet balsamic, unt, ceapa rosie, sare, susan, coniac, ardei, orez, supa si busuioc. Ingrediente: 500 g ficat de curcan 300 ml lapte 2-3 linguri ulei de masline 2-3 linguri otet balsamic 100 g unt o ceapa rosie sare 100…

Cheesecake with berries

O reteta de Cheesecake cu fructe de pădure din: biscuiti, unt, gelatina, afine, mure, zmeura, branza de vaci, iaurt, zahar pudra si suc de lamaie. Ingrediente: 150 g biscuiti integrali 125 g unt topit 8 foi gelatina 300 g afine 300 g mure 300 g zmeura 800 g branza de vaci 300 g iaurt 120…

Tarte cu mure şi cremă de vanilie

Tarte cu mure şi cremă de vanilie din: faina, coaja de lamaie, zahar, sare, unt, mure, lapte, baton de vanilie, galbenusuri, amidon si frisca. Ingrediente: blat: 350 g faina 1 lingurita coaja de lamaie rasa 120 g zahar sare 240 g unt in plus: 250 g mure 85 gg zahar 250 ml lapte miezul de…

Reteta zilei:Fondue picant cu branza cheddar

O reteta de fondue picant cu branza cheddar din: vin alb, amidon de porumb, branza cheddar, branza pepper chesse, boia de ardei, ardei jalapeno si usturoi. Ingrediente: 1 ceasca de vin alb sec 2 linguri amidon de porumb branza Cheddar tocata branza pepper chesse 1 lingurita boia de ardei 3-4 ardei jalapeno prajiti, tocati 1…

Ficătei îmbrăcaţi în bacon

O reteta de ficatei in bacon din: ficatei de pui, lapte, rozmarin, boabe de piper, ulei de floarea soarelui, sare grunjoasa, piper, dulceata de ceapa si bacon. Ingrediente: 500 g ficatei de pui 300 ml lapte 2 crengute de rozmarin 2-3 boabe piper 30 ml ulei de floarea soarelui sare grunjoasa piper negru macinat 2…

Supă-cremă de ardei gras

O reteta de supa crema de ardei gras din: ceapa, ardei grasi, ulei de masline, cimbru, rosii, foaie de dafin, supa de legume, sare, piper, zahar, busuioc si smantana. Ingrediente: 4 cepe frantuzesti 5 ardei grasi (portocalii sau roșii) 2 linguri ulei de măsline 2 fire cimbru 250 g rosii decojite (conservă) 1 foaie de…

Chiftele cu legume – un adevarat deliciu

O reteta de chiftele cu legume din: morcovi, ceapa, cartofi, fasole verde, ulei, supa, rosii, patrunjel, carne tocata de vita, mustar, pesmet, oua, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 2 morcovi 2 cepe 250 g cartofi 250 g fasole verde 2 linguri ulei 100 g fasole verde 750 ml supa 250 g rosii 1 legatura patrunjel 500…

Cocktail Berry Wine

O reteta simpla de Cocktail Berry Wine din: sirop de mure, vin alb si suc de mere. O combinatie reusita, fara a avea un volum mare de alcool, vine in intampinarea amatorilor de vin alb cu un mix bun de arome, mar si mure. pahar: flute decor: mura Ingrediente: 20 ml sirop de mure 100…

Tort de cafea si mure

O reteta de tort de cafea si mure din: cafea solubila, cacao, oua, zahar, sare, faina, amidon, praf de copt, mure, frisca, gelatina, zahar pudra si drajeuri de ciocolata. Ingrediente: 2 lingurite cafea solubila 1 lingurita cacao 4 oua 150 g zahar 1 praf sare 75 g faina 75 g amidon 1/2 lingurita praf de…

Busuiocul: parfum proaspăt

Din bucătăria gurmandului nu ar trebui să lipsească un ghiveci cu busuioc. Ast­fel, va avea mereu la dispoziţie frunze proaspete, gata să-i umple de aromă cele mai diverse preparate. Frunzele proaspete de busu­ioc nu se pun însă la fiert cu mâncarea, deoarece aroma are mult de suferit. Ele se adaugă numai după ce mâncarea este…

Minitarte cu legume

O reteta de minitarte cu legume din: spanac, sare, ardei grasi, rosii, dovlecei, mozzarella, aluat de foi, galbenus, piper si ulei de masline. Ingrediente: 150 g spanac sare 2 ardei grasi rosii 4 rosii 2 dovlecei 200 g moazzarella 400 g aluat de foi (refrigerat) 1 galbenus piper 2 linguri ulei de masline Mod…

Zacuscă cu spanac

O reteta de zacusca cu spanac din: spanac, ceapa, ardei capia, gogosari, ulei, usturoi, ardei iute, foi de dafin, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 1 kg spanac fiert, scurs, racit 2 kg ceapa 1 kg ardei capia 1 kg gogosari 1 l ulei 5 capatani de usturoi 3 ardei iuti 2 foi de dafin sare piper…

Peşte cu cartofi prăjiţi (Fish and chips)

Fish and chips este considerată mâncarea naţională a britanicilor. într-adevăr, peştele cu cartofi prăjiţi a devenit un adevărat simbol naţional încă din perioada victoriană, câştigându-şi popularitatea datorită faptului câ se putea lua la pachet. Cu toate că britanicii au experimentat în perioada de după război şi gusturi mai exotice, aceasta a rămas o mâncare foarte…

File de porc cu fasole şi roşii

O reteta de file de porc cu fasole si rosii din: fasole verde, sare, file de porc, ulei, piper, ceapa, rosii cherry, gorgonzola, lapte, sos hollandaise, unt si branza gouda. Ingrediente: 600 g fasole verde sare 600 g file de porc 2 linguri ulei piper 2 cepe 250 g rosii cherry 100 g gorgonzola 150…

Perişoare cu legume şi fâşii crocante de tortilla

O reteta de Perişoare cu legume şi fâşii crocante de tortilla din: boabe de porumb, ardei copti, ciuperci, suc de limeta, sos samba oelek, sare, piper, supa, usturoi, carne de vita tocata, ou, pesmet, avocado, tortilla si ulei. Ingrediente: 1 conserva boabe de porumb (285 g) 100 g ardei copti (de la borcan) 80 g…

Curechi dulce

O reteta de curechi dulce din: cartofi, ceapa, rosii, morcovi, orez, varza, marar verde, ulei, smantana, sare, piper si boia. Varza este un aliment alcalinizant nutritiv, energetic, remineralizant şi tonifiant şi este preferabil să fie consu­mată în stare crudă, pentru a i se păstra proprietăţile şi virtuţile tămăduitoare. Un consum regulat de varză are efect…

Paste cu smântână şi ciuperci

O reteta de paste cu smantana si ciuperci din: ciuperci, ceapa, usturoi, taitei, sare, unt, oregano, supa, amidon, smantana, patrunjel si piper. Ingrediente: 1 conserva ciuperci Champignon feliate (850 ml) 1 ceapa 2 catei de usturoi 400 g taitei lati sare 2 linguri unt 1/2 lingurita oregano uscat 100 ml supa 1 lingurita amidon 200…

Zacuscă din gogoşari cu măsline

O reteta de zacusca din gogosari cu masline din: gogosari, ardei gras, ceapa, masline, pasta de rosii, ulei, foi de dafin, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 4 kg gogosari 1 kg ardei gras 1 kg ceapa alba 1 kg ceapa rosie 300 g masline negre fara samburi 4 linguri pasta de rsoii 600 ml ulei 3…

Piept de pasăre cu prune

O reteta de piept de pasare cu prune din: piept de pui, prune, ulei de masline, nuci, marar si sare. Ingrediente: 800 g piept de pui (curcan) 20 prune 2 linguri ulei de masline 10 nuci 1 legatura marar sare Mod de preparare: Tăiaţi carnea de pui în fâşii. Condimen- taţi-le cu sare şi…

Salată cu friptură

Salata cu friptura din: carne de vita, rosii cherry, salata verde, ulei de masline, sare, piper, maioneza, iaurt, gorgonzola, suc de lamaie si germeni de soia. Ingrediente: 600 g felii de carne de vita marinate (se pot folosi si felii de porc sau de piept de pasare) 300 g rosii cherry 200 g salata verde…

Cocktail Rose Royal

O reteta simpla de Cocktail Rose Royal din: sirop de trandafir si sampanie. Usor de preparat, dulce spre demisec, o varianta deosebinta a vestitutlui Kir Royale. Ingrediente: 15 ml sirop de trandafir 100 ml sampanie sau vin spumant Mod de preparare: Se toarna ingredientele cu mare atentie in pahar, pe rand, amestecand usor continutul.

Paste cu ţelină, măsline si fasole roşie

O reteta de paste cu telina, masline si fasole rosie din: paste, cascaval, fasole rosie, masline, usturoi, rosii, ulei de masline, telina, vin, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 500 g paste 100 g cascaval 1 cana fasole de boabe rosie fiarta 1 cana masline 2 catei de usturoi 2 cani rosii taiate in cubulete 2 linguri…

Chiftelute in stil italian cu garnitura de gnocchi si dovlecei

O reteta de Chiftelute in stil italian cu garnitura de gnocchi si dovlecei din: usturoi, carne de vita, ou, oregano, pesmet, sare, piper, ulei, rosii, mozzarella, gnocchi, dovlecel, unt, smantana si nucsoara. Ingrediente: 1 catel de usturoi 500 g carne de vita tocata 1 ou 1 lingurita oregano tocat 4 linguri pesmet sare piper 2…

Picioici noi cu chimion

Pecioici nou cu chimion din: cartofi, seminte de chimion, ulei de masline, ceapa, castarveti, patrunjel verde, sare si boia dulce. Ingrediente: 1,5 kg cartofi noi 1 lingura seminte de chimion 6 linguri ulei de masline 1 ceapa alba 2 cepe rosii 500 g castraveti 1 legatura patrunjel verde sare boia dulce Mod de preparare:…

Păstrăvi cu cartofi

O reteta de pastravi cu cartofi din: pastravi, ulei, lamaie, marar verde, patrunjel verde, cartofi, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 4 pastravi 2 linguri ulei 1 lamaie 1 legatura marar verde 1 legatura patrunjel verde 400 g cartofi sare piper Mod de preparare: Curăţaţi peştii de solzi şi intestine, spălaţi-i bine şi ştergeţi-i cu un…

Muşchi de viţel gratinat

Muschi de vitel gratinat din: dovlecel, rosii, muschi file de vitel, mozzarella, busuioc, ulei de masline, parmezan, sare, piper si boia. Ingrediente: 1 dovlecel 2 rosii carnoase 400 g muschi file de vitel sau de porc 125 g mozzarella 1 legatura busuioc 5 linguri ulei de masline 2 linguri parmezanproaspat ras sare piper boia …

Cocktailuri: Sangria

O reteta de sangria din: sangria sirop, fresh de lamaie, vin rosu, portocala, lamaie si lime. Dulce acrişor, sec, un cocktail bogat în arome! Cocktail-urile pe bază de vin încep să revină în atenţia clienţilor. Sunt uşor de preparat şi sunt foarte potrivite pentru sezonul cald. In plus, vinul – o băutură nobilă, le împrumută…

Mâncare de roşii cu ochiuri

O reteta de mancare de rosii cu ochiuri din: rosii, ceapa, branza feta, ardei grasi, ardei iute, oua, usturoi, ulei de masline, busuioc si sare. Ingrediente: 500 g rosii 2 cepe 300 g branza Feta 2 ardei grasi 1 ardei iute 4 oua 2 catei de usturoi ulei de masline busuioc sare Mod de…

Punci de muscata

O reteta de punci de muscata din: ceai de muscata, candel, vin rosu, zeama de lamaie si arrak. Ingrediente: 4 plicuri de ceai de muscata 300 g candel 1 sticla de vin rosu zeama unei jumatati de lamaie 1/8 l Arrak Mod de preparare: Turnam 1 l apa fiarta peste plicurile de ceai si-l…

Inghetata de rom

O reteta de inghetata de rom din: rom, smantana, albusuri, zahar pudra, zahar vanilat, stafide si lamaie. Ingrediente: 100 ml rom 400 ml smantana dulce 2 albusuri 200 g zahar pudra 2 pliculete cu zahar vanilat 100 g stafide 1 lamaie Mod de preparare: Pune stafidele la înmuiat în rom. După circa două ore,…

Pilaf cu vinete si roşii la cuptor

O reteta de pilaf cu vinete si rosii la cuptor din: orez, vinete, ulei, rosii, ceapa, supa de legume, patrunjel, pesmet, usturoi, smantana, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 150 g orez 4 vinete potrivite ca marime 100 ml ulei 250 g rosii 2 cepe 500 ml supa de legume 1 legatura patrunjel 50 g pesmet 2…

Turte de vara

O reteta de turte de vara din: faina, unt, zahar, ou, sare, zahar, faina, fructe de vara si zahar. Ingrediente: foaia I: 300 g faina 100 g unt 100 g zahar 1 ou sare foaia II: 3 oua 3 linguri zahar 3 linguri faina umplutura: 800-1 kg fructe de vara: caise, piersici, zmeura, mure,…

Grilled stuffed trout

O reteta de pastrav umplut la gratar din: pastravi, ciuperci, ceapa rosie, ulei, rosii cherry, patrunjel, marar, coriandru, lamaie, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 2 pastravi 300 g ciuperci 1 ceapa rosie 500 ml ulei 200 g rosii cherry 1 legatura patrunjel 1 legatura marar 1 legatura cor

Supă de roşii cu praz şi mirodenii

O reteta de supa de rosii cu praz si mirodenii din: rosii, telina, ardei gras, usturoi, ceapa, suc de rosii, tarhon, seminte de chimen, cimbru, frunze de dafin, ulei de masline, praz, sare, piper si otet. Ingrediente: 1 kg rosii 1 telina 1 ardei gras rosu 5 catei de usturoi 4 cepe 1 l suc…

Chiftelute din mazăre cu susan

O reteta de chiftelute din mazare cu susan: mazare, urda, oua, frunze de menta, parmezan, usturoi, semitne de susan, pesemt, iaurt, sare si piper alb. Ingrediente: 1 kg mazare boabe 300 g urda 2 oua cateva frunze de menta 100 g parmezan ras 2 catei de usturoi 100 g seminte de susan 200 g pesmet…

Ardei cu hrişcă

O reteta de ardei cu hrisca din: ardei grasi, unt, ceapa rosie, usturoi, marar verde, ulei de masline, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 4 ardei grasi rosii 400 g hrisca 50 g unt 1 ceapa rosie 1 capatana de usturoi 1 legatura marar verde 2 linguri ulei de masline sare piper Mod de preparare: Curăţaţi…

Plăcintă în straturi

O reteta de placinta in straturi din: foi de placinta, branza feta, iaurt, oua, lapte si unt. Ingrediente: 1 pachet cu foi de placinta 250 g branza Feta 3 oua 200 g iaurt gras 250 ml lapte 100 g unt Mod de preparare: într-un castron, bate energic ouăle, toarnă uşor laptele, încorporează iaurtul. în…

Bucataria fara foc: Negresa rece

O reteta de negresa rece din: biscuiti de ovaz, cacao, nuci, migdale, rahat, zahar, caise uscate, curmale, unt, galbenusuri, cognac si zahar pudra. Ingrediente: 300 g biscuiti de ovaz 150 g cacao 100 g nuci, migdale sau alune de padure 50 g rahat 200 g zahar 50 g caise uscate 50 g curmale uscate fara…

Salată de brânză şi legume coapte

O reteta de salata de branza si legume coapte din: branza feta, rosii, dovlecei, ceapa, ulei de masline, oregano si piper. Ingrediente: 500 g branza Feta 4-5 rosii 1-2 dovlecei 1 ceapa mare 2 linguri cu ulei de masline 1/2 lingurita cu oregano uscat 1/2 lingurita cu piper negru Mod de preparare: Taie roşiile…

Inghetata de afine

O reteta de inghetata de afine din: smantana, afine si zahar. Ingrediente: 250 ml smantana dulce 350 g afine 150 g zahar Mod de preparare: Intr-un castron, mixeaza smantana dulce cu zaharul pana ce se topeste si obtii o frisca cremoasa. Separat, zdrobeste afinele cu furculita sau cu belnderul. Adauga-le peste frisca si amesteca…

Bucataria fara foc: Ardei umpluţi

O reteta de ardei umpluti din: ardei grasi, branza dulce de vaci, telemea sarata, ceapa, usturoi, seminte de chimen, sare, piper rosi si marar. Ingrediente: 4 ardei grasi rosii 1 ardei gras verde 500 g branza dulce de vaci 100 g telemea sarata 1 ceapa 2 catei de usturoi 1 lingurita seminte de chimen sare…

Somon cu ciuperci

O reteta de somon cu ciuperci din: rondele de somon, ciuperci, ceapa, sirop de rodie, unt, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 4 rondele de somon 500 g ciuperci champignon mici 1 ceapa mare 4-5 linguri sirop de rodie 50 g unt sare piper Mod de preparare: Presarati rondelele de somon cu sare si piper, apoi…

Cum se prepara Pizza margherita (video)

O reteta video despre cum se prepara pizza margherita, un preparat deosebit de delicios si gustos, rapid si foarte sanatos. Ingrediente: pizza dough or base 80 g ripe tomato 50 g buffalo mozzarella 5 basil leaves olive oil salt pepper Cum se prepara Pizza margherita Pofta buna!

Branza in foi de vita cu salata de struguri

O reteta de branza in foi de vita cu salata de struguri din: foi de vita, cas, boabe de porumb, oregano, ulei de masline, otet de mere, struguri, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 12 foi de vita, oparite in apa sarata 400 g cas proaspat sau branza mozzarella 300 g boabe de porumb dulce din conserva…

Inghetata delicioasa de vanilie

O reteta de inghetata de vanilie din: oua, lapte, frisca, zahar si esenta de vanilie. Ingrediente: 6 oua 1 l lapte 250 g frisca 150 g zahar esenta de vanilie Mod de preparare: Separa albusurile de galbenusuri. Freaca galbenusurile cu zaharul pana ce incepe sa se topeasca. Fierbe laptele cu putina esenta de vanilie.…

Salau in jambon cu sos de marar

O reteta de salau in jambon cu sos de marar din: file de salau, jambon, unt, faina, lapte, smantana, marar, lamaie, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 4 bucati file de salau (circa 150 g/bucata) 12 felii jambon crud uscat 50 g unt 1 lingura faina 250 ml lapte 200 ml smantana de gatit 1 legatura marar…

Retete culinare: Parjoale moldovenesti

O reteta de parjoale moldovenesti din: carne tocata, paine integrala, oua, ceapa, cimbru, marar, faina, ulei, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 1 kg carne tocata (amestec vita, porc) 4-5 felii paine integrala 2 oua 1 ceapa potrivita 1 lingurita cimbru uscat maruntit 1 legatura marar 100 g faina 250 ml ulei pentru prajit sare piper …

Reteta zilei: Gem de prune

Gem de prune din: prune si fructoza. Ingrediente: 6 kg prune 1200 g fructoza Mod de preparare: Se scot samburii de la prune, se dau prunele la robot pana se maruntesc complet. Se pun intr-o cratita mare si inalta, se adauga fructoza si se lasa la macerat peste noapte. Se pun apoi la fiert…

Supa de ciuperci cu pui

O reteta de supa de ciuperci cu pui din: ciuperci, piept de pui, faina, ulei, ceapa, patrunjel, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 1 kg ciuperci proaspete 500 g piept de pui 50 g faina 4-5 linguri ulei 1 ceapa 1 legatura patrunjel sare piper Mod de preparare: Curătati ciupercile, spălaţi-le, scurgefi-le de apă şi tăiaţi-le…

Chutney: garnitura dulce la friptura

Un sos exotic, de legume si fructe Denumirea de chutney s-a lansat în urmă cu mai mult de 100 de ani, în India colonială, pentru a desemna sosurile dulci-picante de legume şi fructe, în special exotice, marinate şi servite în general drept garnitură la friptură. Treptat, ele au intrat şi în Euro­pa, unde se prepară…

Ceafa de porc si cartofi copti

O reteta de ceafa de porc si cartofi din: ceapa de porc, cartofi, vin, ulei de masline, otet aromatic, usturoi, foi de dafin, piper, sare grunjoasa, zahar, unt si rozmarin. Ingrediente: un kg ceafa de porc 8-10 cartofi pentru marinata: 200 ml vin alb 3 linguri ulei de masline 2 linguri otet aromatic 4-5 catei…

Rosii cu mamaliga in straturi

O reteta de rosii cu mamaliga in straturi din: ceapa, unt, supa de pui, apa, malai, telemea de oi, sunca afumata, rosii, parmezan si sare. Ingrediente: 1 ceapa mare 2 linguri unt 600 ml supa de pui 600 ml apa 350 g malai 300 g telemea de oi 200 g sunculita afumata 4-5 rosii 100…

Tiramisu cu ciocolată neagră

Tiramisu cu ciocolata neagra din: piscoturi, caefa, lichior de migdale, gelatina, galbenusuri, zahar pudra, mascarpone, frisca si cacao. Ingrediente: circa 30 piscoturi 200 g cafea espresso rece 6 cl lichior de migdale 120 g ciocolata neagra 8 foi gelatina 5 galbenusuri 100 g

English Breakfast – Mic-dejun englezesc

Cred ca avalansa de materiale tv despre jubileul reginei Marii Britanii mi-a trezit acolo in creier o pofta. Pofta de un mic dejun englezesc. Stiu, multora li se pare o nebunie curata sa mananci dimineata carnati si fasole, dar mie imi place. Plus ca, sa fim seriosi, nu mancam in fiecare zi, nu? Cu ce se diferentiaza english breakfast-ul de asa-numitul mic-dejun continental? Pai al doilea presupune, de regula, produse de patiserie (croissant si altele) pe langa lapte/ceai/cafea. Primul contine insa o multime de “treburi” si este atat de consistent incat te alimenteaza cu energie intreaga zi.

Ca sa va faceti o idee, va spun ca, in functie de regiune, gasim in english breakfast: oua (ochiuri, scrob sau in apa), bacon (la gratar sau prajit in ulei), carnati (“normali” sau sangerete), carne de vita, cartofi prajiti, fasole, ciuperci, rosii, ceapa (inele prajite), paine (prajita in tigaie sau la toaster), scones-uri si chiar muffins-uri. Asta pentru a trece in revista doar cateva din ingredientele ce pot fi incluse intr-un mic-dejun englezesc. Evident ca eu am ales ce-mi era mai la indemana si-mi place mai mult (daca tot e vorba de pofta :P). O singura mare problema: mic-dejunul meu englezesc constituie o veritabila “bomba” calorica :(. O solutie pentru remedierea cat de cat a problemei ar fi impartirea portiei in doua (adica, din cantitatile mentionate, sa rezulte 4 portii in loc de 2).

Ingredients (for 2 servings):
& # 8211 eggs 4 pcs.
– bacon crud-uscat 8 felii (110 g)
– carnaciori picanti 8 buc. (90 g)
– rosii cu codita 8 buc. (200 g)
– paine toast 4 felii
– fasole 1 cutie (240 g dupa scurgere)
– ulei 4 linguri
& # 8211 onion 1 pc. mica (35 g)
– usturoi 2 catei
& # 8211 dried thyme 1 teaspoon grated
– dafin 1 foaie
– pasta de tomate 35 g
& # 8211 salt, pepper

For iahnia de fasole, incingeti o lingura de ulei intr-o craticioara. Caliti ceapa (feliute) si usturoiul (trecut prin presa). Puneti cimbrul si dafinul, precum si fasolea fiarta (scursa). Adaugati o jumatate de cana de apa fierbinte si lasati sa fiarba, la foc mic, cateva minute. Puneti pasta de tomate, omogenizati si potriviti de sare si de piper. Mai lasati sa fiarba cateva minute (aveti grija sa nu scada de tot zeama) si pastrati la cald.

Incingeti o tigaie-gratar si rumeniti feliile de bacon, precum si rosiile. Incingeti restul de ulei intr-o tigaie si prajiti carnaciorii (ii puteti face si pe tigaia-gratar, dar dureaza un pic mai mult). Scoateti carnaciorii intr-o farfurie tapetata cu servete de hartie (pentru a absorbi grasimea in exces). Prajiti si ouale, dupa preferinta: ochiuri sau scrambled. For oua scrambled, puneti doar o lingura de ulei in tigaie. Bateti ouale si puneti-le in tigaia incinsa. Vor incepe sa se coaguleze, asa ca dati focul la minimum si incepeti sa le amestecati cu o lingura. Amestecati-le continuu pana cand aveti o textura cremoasa, dar fara ca oul sa fie crud. Mie imi place sa nu bat ouale inainte, pentru a avea niste scrambled eggs bicolore :)! Nu uitati sa puneti un pic de sare si de piper peste oua!

Puneti pe o farfurie mare: doua oua (scrambled in cazul de fata), 4 felii de bacon, 4 carnaciori picanti, jumatate din iahnia de fasole, 4 rosii si 2 felii de paine prajita.

Iata si varianta cu oua ochiuri. Servita sub o raza de soare, cu o cafea tare si un pahar de suc de portocale alaturi :D.

Ce ingrediente folosim pentru reteta de shakshuka?

  • 1 red bell pepper
  • ½ ardei gras galben
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • cateva felii de ardei iute
  • 1 ceapa rosie potrivita
  • 400 g de rosii proaspete
  • 4 eggs
  • pepper
  • cumin
  • paprika
  • salt
  • 2 tablespoons oil

Cum preparam reteta de oua cu rosii si ardei pentru micul dejun &ndash shakshuka?

Puteti citi mai departe reteta scrisa sau sa treceti direct la reteta video, apasand poza:


Punem uleiul in tigaie la incins. Adaugam ceapa, un varf de lingurita de chimion.

Dupa 2-3 minute adaugam si ardeii, reducem focul, sa fie mic. Adaugam apoi si usturoiul si ardeiul iute, le taiem felii fine.

Continuam sa amestecam, apoi adaugam putina apa, ca sa inabusim legumele.

Lasam totul la foc mic pana se inmoaie. Cand ceapa si ardeiul s-au inmuiat, adaugam rosiile, un varf de lingurita de piper, un varf de lingurita de boia de ardei dulce, o lingurita rasa de sare, apoi amestecam totul.

Let it boil. Cand sosul s-a mai ingrosat, gustati-l si potriviti gustul de sare si picant.

Mmm, cat de bine miroase! Iar sosul e demential de bun!

Spargem ouale direct in tigaie. Reducem focul si acoperim tigaia cu un capac, asteptam sa se coaguleze oul. Lasam asa cam 4 minute, apoi stingem focul si ducem tigaia la masa.

Albusul trebuie sa fie bine coagulat la final, iar galbenusul trebuie sa fie moale. Presaram deasupra patrunjel tocat fin, puteti adauga si branza, daca doriti.


  • Daca vreti ca sosul sa fie mai dulceag, puteti adauga 1 varf de cutit de zahar sau putina miere de albine.
  • Daca folositi branza, e bine s-0 puneti imediat dupa ce spargeti ouale, ca sa se topeasca putin.
  • Aveti grija sa fie ouale foarte proaspete.
  • Se mai pot folosi si alte condimente, pentru un gust mai exotic: 2-3 cuisoare, un varf de cutit de garam masala sau turmeric, boia iute, boia afumata&hellip

Asta-i tot, se mananca direct din tigaie, cu mana, cu bucati de paine proaspata care se inting in sosul ala delicios si aromat. Ca la tara.

Sau, ca la oras: puneti in farfurii si mancati cu furculita si cutitul 🙂

Noi mancam shakshuka cu mana 🙂

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