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25 Top Craft Distilleries Tours in the U.S.

25 Top Craft Distilleries Tours in the U.S.

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"You think you don’t like whiskey? That’s because you haven’t tasted my whiskey," Rick Wasmund challenges nose-wriggling visitors at his pastoral Copper Fox Distillery near Virginia’s Shenandoah Mountains. According to Wasmund, and the dozens of other craft distillers cropping up around the U.S., when whiskey is handmade correctly using fresh, flavorful ingredients, folks can actually enjoy the complex taste without the burn.

Producing unique taste sensations is what craft distilling is all about. Wasmund differentiates his whiskey by hand-malting his own barley and flavoring the aging whiskey with smoked fruitwood chips. "I know how much I enjoy applewood-smoked chicken and bacon, so I decided to try it with my whiskey," he said.

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Copper Fox is part of the rapidly expanding movement in the world of culinary arts called "craft" or "artisan" distilling; these spirits pioneers create limited-production, handcrafted spirits, usually sourcing local ingredients. Craft distilleries have become a favorite destination for food lovers and spirits aficionados, offering authentic agritourism experiences with unique tasting opportunities and tactile-friendly perks. And, explains Bill Owens, president of the American Distilling Institute (ADI), the trade institution for craft distillers, "Farm-based craft distilleries are responsible for the greening of our industry. These places want to show you their dirt."

According to ADI, there are 523 licensed Craft Distilleries in the U.S., with hundreds more under construction or applying for certification. Due to antiquated laws dating back to prohibition, only 29 states currently permit craft distillers to conduct tastings and on-site sales. "We want the same rights as wineries," says Owens. He maintains permitting both sampling and sales onsite enables wineries, and also micro-breweries, to demonstrate the difference between handmade and mass-produced products. And if those establishments are any indication, it’s a sure bet that people are actively seeking out that experience of walking onto an authentic production site, watching hops turn into gin, and tasting the final product.

Few states celebrate their homegrown independent businesses like Oregon and Washington — the two together comprise perhaps the largest cluster of U.S. micro-distilleries. Washington’s 2008 craft distillery law allowed small distilleries to operate tasting rooms and sell limited quantities, and there are now 40 operating distilleries, with another 30 under construction and dozens of others applying for licenses. In Portland, Ore., locals love Distillery Row, buried in a warehouse park called Lower East-side Industrial District, featuring some highly acclaimed small-batch spirits producers. Their industrial-district facilities are compact, and while a few offer short tours, the emphasis is on the tastings. Those with more space, like Bendistillery in rural Bend, Ore., and Washington’s Woodinville Distillery have added elaborate tasting rooms.

Some craft distilleries operate pubs and event spaces where talented mixologists create scrumptious concoctions with fresh spirits. The latest and greatest distillery endeavor is hosting Bottling Parties, inviting spirits enthusiasts to assist them in quickly turning out their product. It’s a thrilling opportunity for the volunteers, who get hands-on sessions with the still, extra tastings, and often, a gift bottle to take home.

The marvelous thing about visiting a craft distillery is getting up close and personal with the distillers, production, and learning the stories behind their adventurous ingredients. Their settings, ranging from hip urban warehouses to pastoral farms, are as distinctive as the unconventional methods they employ to create their cutting-edge spirits. There are so many fabulous micro-distilleries in Seattle, for example, that Tara Fuller and Craig Krueger, two local celebrity mixologists, host high-spirited half-day tours. Each tour is different, as they select the three that have the most interesting goings-on a particular day. The tour features tastings a-plenty, including handcrafted cocktails and snacks created by famed Seattle chefs. And on a sunny ranch in hilly Hye, Texas, a hay-less wagon carts visitors down to Garrison Brothers’ distillery to watch these mojo-makers morph rainwater into bourbon. In Ashville, N.C., Troy Ball, one of the industry’s very-few female distillers, claims to have created a kick-ass moonshine that won’t leave you hungover. It seems that by only bottling the middle part of the liquid distillate called the "heart," they’ve eliminated toxic components like acetone and methanol, and sediments that provide that god-awful burning sensation and morning-after regret. What’s left is a sweet crisp ‘shine, densely flavored with heirloom white corn and pure local mountain water.

So whether you are interested in sipping some freshly made hooch directly from the source, the craft, or simply contemplating interesting additions to your home stash, craft distilleries are extraordinary excursions. But how to choose? We’ve scoured the country and identified 25 of the most intriguing distilleries to tour. In selecting, we looked for places dedicated to sourcing local or homegrown ingredients, those employing unique production methods, intriguing tours hosted by impassioned distillers with compelling stories, breathtaking or out-of-the-ordinary settings, and those that offer one-of-a-kind hands-on experiences. Needless to say, each is distinctively fascinating.

15 Best American Whiskey Distilleries

Road trips and whiskey. Now while we would never suggest mixing the two simultaneously, in separate forms these two pastimes are uniquely American. The urge of exploration, perusing the frontier in search of adventure in a sense of wonderment is what enabled our forefathers to settle and develop this once foreign landmass. And whiskey, bourbon specifically, was there along for the ride, sitting shotgun atop the Wells Fargo stagecoach, acting as a secondary handshake between strangers, enabling pioneers in a new land to rest easy at night after the campfire dwindled and eyelids became heavy.

This, of course, is a glorified version of the journey across the continent, but it’s how we like to picture what the original whiskey road-trip looked like. Either way you cut it, if you’re going to go all in on a bucket list of must-see whiskey distilleries, you better believe some history will be involved. That’s why we worked to include distilleries both old and new, so those interested can witness a full spectrum of American whiskey, from where we’ve been to where we’re going. One thing’s for certain though, regardless of the technology and facilities in which this fine spirit is distilled, whiskey will always be whiskey. And in a world of ever-changing environments and lightening-fast innovation, it’s the old-time fashion of sipping whiskey that puts the world around us on pause. So go ahead, dust off the denim, exchange your button down for a flannel and be sure to check out this bucket list of American whiskey distilleries that allow you to taste the time capsule that is American whiskey. Cheers.

The Will to Distill: Iowa Distilleries

For decades, consumers have enjoyed visiting wineries: drinking the fruit of the vine at the source, usually in a comfortable tasting room or beautiful outdoor location, then purchasing bottles to enjoy at home. Then craft breweries entered the scene, and the scenario repeated itself. Now, thanks to Iowa’s House File 607, signed into law by Gov. Terry Branstad in May 2017, visitors can enjoy that same tasting room experience at distilleries in the state.

What’s more, the benefits of the new law extend far beyond the flash-in-the-pan experience at a tasting room. Distilleries in the state aren’t just tasty and fun—as you’ll see, they’re measurably beneficial.

But first, a little background.

The Growth of the Craft Distilling Industry

On the heels of the craft beer boom, which boasts more than 6,000 small and independent breweries in the U.S., comes the craft distilling industry. Entrepreneurs around the nation have introduced their own takes on liquor styles: vodka, whiskey, gin, liqueurs, brandy, rum and more.

According to 2017 reports from the American Craft Spirits Association, a nonprofit trade group representing the U.S. craft spirits industry, the craft distilling industry sold nearly 6 million cases, taking in $3 billion in 2016, representing 25 percent growth by value.

Of course, such growth means more than just extra products to choose from on liquor store shelves (though that in itself is a pretty cool perk). Employment in the craft spirits industry grew by 48 percent, utilizing the skills of nearly 19,600 full-time employees as of August 2017. Distilleries also spent money on build-out of tasting rooms and equipment and on related labor costs.

When it comes to distilleries, Iowa is a bit of a young thing. Established distilleries and the states that host them are old hats at knowing the wide range of perks that filter down from the liquor business—like those in Kentucky. Reports from the Bluegrass State detail these added benefits. The 2017 report of the Kentucky distilling industry explains that economic impacts start with the obvious benefits of production, sales, employment, exports and capital investment. Those are followed by the commodities purchased by the Kentucky distilling industry, including glass, plastics, wood, grains, flour, malt and more, as well as services such as banking, insurance, legal, accounting and advertising.

On top of that, whenever the products are sold outside of state borders, new dollars come into the state, which “recirculate among vendors, employees and households. These spinoff impacts are … essential to an aggregate estimate of total economic impact,” states the report.

Besides selling product, Kentucky’s granddaddy distilleries have been offering tours and tasting rooms for a quite a while now. Some have even created museums for visitors, such as Heaven Hill’s Bourbon Heritage Center, where visitors can learn, taste and tour and the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience, which adds educational bourbon tastings to its artisanal distillery and tours. These visitor-focused experiences demonstrate an important community benefit of distilleries that serve and entertain the public: tourism!

The Impact on Tourism

“We’ve seen significant growth in Iowa distilleries over the last few years,” says Jessica O’Riley, tourism communications manager with the Iowa Economic Development Authority. “A law change in 2017 … opened up additional tourism opportunities, with many locations revamping their tasting rooms to accommodate being able to serve cocktails. Anecdotally, we’ve heard revenues have increased 10 to 15 percent at some distilleries.”

Specifically, explains Garrett Burchett, co-owner and distiller at Mississippi River Distilling Co. in LeClaire, small distilleries can serve drinks by the glass using their products, and customers can purchase up to nine liters of spirits to go. Since distilleries pay the same tax that restaurants and stores do, the state doesn’t lose any tax revenue. And, Burchett adds, the product “goes through the same distribution that restaurants and stores do. We do what everybody else does.”

So picture this: You’re relaxing with friends at the Mississippi River Distillery, Ol’ Man River flowing just beyond the patio. You’re sipping on a Mississippi Mule made with a distillery-made spirit and Great River Brewery ginger ale. One friend is enjoying a bacon Old Fashioned and another a Tiki Chi Chi, made with River Baron Artisan Spirit, pineapple, coconut, lime, ginger and house grenadine. A live band is setting the mood. And you might even tour the distillery or purchase a bottle or more of your favorites to take home.

“It’s an incredible tourist draw,” Burchett confirms. These tourists typically visit breweries and wineries as well as restaurants and retail stores. “They’re spending time in our town and spending money.”

From Grain to Glass

Iowa’s craft distilleries also support another important Iowa industry: agriculture. “We’re taking corn from our back door and making Mississippi River spirits,” says Burchett. Given the consumer trend toward appreciating locally made and sourced products, this adds to the tourist draw while supporting the farm industry.

Burchett explains that at their distillery, for example, “All of our grains come from within 25 miles. They come straight from farm”—a genuine grain-to-glass approach. Other agricultural products find their way into Mississippi River Distilling spirits, too, as in Pride of the Wapsi strawberry vodka and Queen Bee Honey Whiskey.

Other Iowa distilleries similarly use local ingredients.

Cedar Ridge Winery and Distillery in Swisher uses “acres of Iowa grown grapes [and] unending bushels of corn straight from our fertile Midwestern soil.”

Says Iowa Distilling Company in Cumming, “The real knowledge behind our operation comes from the fact that we are true Iowans. We know the farmers who grow the corn. The hands that distill and then distill again. And oftentimes, the people behind the bar serving every last drop.”

Iowa Legendary Rye in Carroll uses a rye whiskey recipe from a Carroll County moonshiner who defied Prohibition, Lorine Sextro, grandmother of co-founder Heath Schneider. Plus, says the website, “Our whiskey is 100 percent rye grain that comes from Brian Irlbeck, a farmer in Carroll County.”

Lonely Oak Distillery in Earling started with a farm, owned and operated by Pat and Amy Hoffmann. “As farmers, we had a vision about our crop,” says Lonely Oak. “Not only did we want to harvest the grain, but we wanted to make something out of it.” All spirits at Lonely Oak are made from ingredients grown by the Hoffmanns or grown for them by other local producers.

So next time you sit down to enjoy a drink featuring liquor from an Iowa distiller, you can know that the benefits extend far beyond that pleasurable feeling that’s tickling your palate.

This article originally appeared in the Fall/Winter 2018 issue of Iowa Spirits magazine, a publication produced in partnership with the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division and LeisureMedia360. View the original article here or pick up a copy of the free magazine at grocery and liquor stores across the state.

25 Top Craft Distilleries Tours in the U.S. - Recipes

Nick & Robin's Excellent Beer Adventure (contract tour)
Saturday, October 16, 2010

In their effort to promote "Beer Awareness", Nick and Robin assembled a trip to some great locations around St. Louis, at a price that couldn&rsquot be beat. Most facilities provided guided tours.

Beer connoisseur or not, this was a trip for everybody!

We enjoyed a Chocolate Bar, a large selection of local wines, craft distilled spirits, fine foods and desserts, and other places of interest.

The first stop was Highlands Brewing Co. in Kirkwood, MO. It featured an entertainment room, full bar, fantastic menu and many Highland seasonal and year-round micro brews.

Next up was Six Row Brewing Co., which produces quality ales from the site of the old Falstaff Brewery, along with selections from other craft brewers and wineries. We enjoyed pizza, pretzels, mixed nuts and popcorn with our beer.

Then we visited The Stable - Brew House, Distillery, and Eatzzeria. This brew house is in the old draft horse stable of the historic Lemp Brewery. The owners are proud to brew beer on the grounds for the first time since Prohibition!! In addition to their own brews, they pour the best craft brews from across the country and the world through their 36 rotating taps. The distillery is best known for its rum, grappa, peach brandy, gin, and sambuca.

Next, we moved on to Square One Brewery and Distillery, where the beer selection eternally revolves. If you visit, check "What's on Tap" for the current selection from the 55+ beers!! Their micro distillery produces rum (the first distilled spirit in the United States), whiskey, vodka, tequila, gin, aquavit, schnapps, Citrus Mello and Ginger Cello. Many people enjoyed Baileys' Chocolate Bar down the street.

The final stop was Hill Brewing Company in Ferguson, MO. Springfield, IL native Joe Lonero owns this fine restaurant and brew house. We listened to Joe talk about renovating the building and learned about the ten brews on tap, including Ray Hill's Pilsner, another local brewer. Joe proudly proclaimed that he only carries locally owned beers and spirits from Missouri.

Joe's son, Mike, owns the Cork Wine Bar across the street. We discovered that Ferguson is a fun town with many things to do, like our stops on this trip. This was a fun day for all!

&ldquoHistorical America&rdquo Beer Tour

Five days, four nights

You can make history, and tap into loads of fun, when you join the inaugural journey of Beer Tours USA on our &ldquoHistorical America&rdquo Beer Tour.

Beer lover or not, this trip is for you! Starting in Springfield, Illinois, the guided tour will amble through Pennsylvania and Delaware. You will visit America&rsquos oldest operating brewery and one of its most modern. Along the way you&rsquoll stop at eight craft beer establishments in three states, visit historic sites, have time to shop, take in a beach resort and learn about the role of beer makers in America&rsquos early years. And of course, you&rsquoll have the chance to sample some of the preeminent brews in the world.

There can be only one inaugural tour for Beer Tours USA. This is it.

Travel day. Springfield IL to New Cumberland, PA

D.G. Yuengling & Son Brewery, Pottsville, PA

Dogfish Head Brewery, Milton, DE

Dogfish Head Brewing & Eats, Rehoboth Beach, DE

Triumph Brewing Company Restaurant, Philadelphia, PA

Yards Brewing Company, Philadelphia

Dock Street Brewery, Philadelphia

Manayunk Brewery and Restaurant, Philadelphia

Return to Springfield, IL

Day #1 (Thursday, October 20)

Travel and get-acquainted day. You will depart from Springfield, Illinois by private motor coach and arrive at your hotel in New Cumberland, PA in the evening.

After a complimentary breakfast in your hotel, you&rsquoll take a short ride to Pottsville, PA where your visit begins with a guided tour of Yuengling Brewery, America&rsquos oldest brewery and a National Historic Landmark. Founded in 1829 and now run by the fifth generation of Yuenglings, this company offers one of the most fascinating tours in the industry, including a walk through the fully functional 1831 brewery.

After the tour, you can roam the streets of Pottsville, a charming village of fewer than 15,000 people. The town has shopping and points of interest such as Jerry&rsquos Classic Car Museum. You can cap the day with a tasty dinner at the Maroons Sports Bar & Grill. Proprietors Karen and Bob Dittmar will regale you with stories of the Pottsville Maroons, winners of the 1925 World Football Championship.

Day #3 (Saturday, October 22)

You are off to the Delaware shore to visit the Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, Delaware. Dogfish Head is one of America&rsquos premier microbreweries, appearing on virtually every list of top-rated domestic craft beers. Milton is an ultramodern plant with cutting edge technology.

A short drive down the coast will take you to the famous Rehoboth Beach resort, where Sam Calagione started the Dogfish Head Brewing Company in a brewpub restaurant and distillery. In his picturesque establishment you may be asked to sample &ldquotest batches&rdquo of beer and vote for (or against) their production for the retail market.

Your hotel in downtown Rehoboth Beach is only a few feet from the boardwalk and world famous beach. Take a bicycle taxi or walk the streets to the many wonderful shops and restaurants in the area.

You will enjoy a whirlwind Sunday in historic Philadelphia with sightseeing and visits to four excellent local microbreweries&mdashTriumph, Yards, Dock Street, and Manayunk. Located in the historic district, Triumph Brewing Company occupies a beautiful building, converted into a brewpub and restaurant with incredible décor and menu. Following two additional tours, you will dine at the gorgeous award-winning Manayunk Brewery and Restaurant, in a posh neighborhood overlooking the Schuylkill River. A pleasant evening drive through rolling hills to Somerset ends the day.

The trek back to Springfield will feature a pit stop at the renowned Rathskeller in Indianapolis. Set in the historic 19 th century Athenaeum Building, the Rathskeller has echoes of a quaint Bavarian inn or a lively Munich beer hall. You will thrive on an award-winning menu featuring authentic German cuisine as well as American and vegetarian fare.

You will stay at excellent hotels all four nights:

Quality Inn in New Cumberland, PA

Ramada Inn in Pottsville, PA

Admiral Hotel in Rehoboth Beach, DE

Quality Inn in Somerset, PA

All hotels include free continental breakfasts.

$649 per Person, Double Occupancy

This price includes the compete 5-day tour with transportation via private motor coach, 4 nights accommodations with continental breakfast, brewery visits/admission to brewery tours, gratuities and taxes. Also included is a collectable, Made in U.S.A., Beer Tours USA custom designed "Historical America" T-Shirt to commemorate this event. This price does not include lunches, dinners or drinks.

Those who prefer may arrange their own transportation to and from Pennsylvania. We have arranged for transportation from Philadelphia International Airport to Pottsville on Friday October 21.

Robin Fuchs, founder of Beer Tours USA, will serve as your guide and host. Robin is a craft beer aficionado who is determined to introduce as many people as possible to this home-grown industry. Robin also founded, the only co mprehensive nationwide online directory for the American craft brew industry.

To design distinct and educational tours, Robin visited hundreds of American-owned craft beer firms. To create this tour, Robin personally visited each venue and met with the Yuengling family and with Dogfish Head&rsquos founder, Sam Calagione.

Chuck Costello is an experienced home brewer with aspirations to someday own his own micro brewery.

Robin and Chuck are brewing the first ever batch of a new beer, Beer Tours USA Wheaty Wheaty Blonde Lager, especially for participants on this tour.

&ldquoHistorical Mid-America&rdquo Beer Tour

Tap into loads of fun when you join Beer Tours USA on our &ldquoHistorical Mid-America&rdquo Beer Tour!

Starting in Springfield, Illinois, the guided tour will amble through Wisconsin and Iowa. You will visit America&rsquos second oldest operating brewery and one of its most modern. Along the way you&rsquoll stop at eight craft beer establishments in three states, visit historic sites, have time to shop, and learn about the role of beer makers in America&rsquos early years. And of course, you&rsquoll have the chance to sample some of the best brews in the world.

  • &bull Minhas Craft Brewery, Monroe, WI
  • &bull Haydock&rsquos Museum of Beer Memorabilia, Monroe, WI
  • &bull Grumpy Troll Brew Pub, Mount Horeb, WI
  • &bull Galena Brewing Company, Galena, IL
  • &bull The National Brewery Museum and Research Library, Potosi, WI
  • &bull Potosi Brewing Company, Potosi, WI
  • &bull Front Street Brewery, Davenport, IA
  • &bull Great River Brewery, Davenport, IA
  • &bull Blue Cat Brew Pub, Rock Island, IL
  • &bull Bent River Brewing Company, Moline, IL

Day #1 (Saturday, November 3)

You will depart from Springfield, Illinois by private motor coach and arrive at Rockford, IL where we&rsquoll grab a quick brunch. Then we&rsquore off to Minhas Craft Brewery, the &ldquoOldest Brewery in the Midwest&rdquo. We&rsquoll take a historic tour of the brewery before tasting their award winning beers. The sister and brother team of Manjit and Ravinder Minhas are the youngest commercial brewery owners in the world. The historic building houses the Hadock&rsquos Museum of Beer Memorabilia, which is a private collection, valued at over a million dollars.

A short drive away is the Grumpy Troll Brew Pub. This charming little town has a history with the Grumpy Troll name, be sure to ask why! Their famous handcrafted ales and lagers have won too many awards to display all of them on the wall. The restaurant has a great selection of unique and tasty food items.

Our evening will be spent in historic Galena, Illinois. There is plenty to experience in this wonderful town. Enjoy the historic sites, a Main Street out of a storybook, and many blocks of interesting shops. The exciting Galena Brewing Company has a wonderful menu of food items, fantastic beers, and live music to entertain you.

You&rsquoll stay the famous Chestnut Mountain Resort. This jewel features two restaurants, indoor pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, spa services, and a game room. Enjoy a nightcap at the &ldquolate night&rdquo fully stocked bar featuring handcrafted beers.

After a complimentary continental breakfast at the resort, you&rsquoll take a short ride to Potosi, WI, where your visit begins with tour of The National Brewery Museum and Research Library. The museum was founded by the American Breweriana Association (ABA). It offers one of the most fascinating tours in the industry including a walk through the fully functional 1852 restored brewery.

After the tour, you can have lunch in the restaurant and savor the fine beers of the Potosi Brewing Company or choose to roam the streets of the charming village of fewer than 700 people. The town has shopping and other points of interest including a winery.

Next up is Front Street Brewery in Davenport, IA. They now have two locations within walking distance of each other. The original is in an old historic building with a beautiful beer garden and serves a full menu of food as well as their famous hand crafted beers. A few blocks away, the new location is in the historic train station and loading dock. It&rsquos right on the Mississippi River with a new scenic overlook deck.

Great River Brewery in Davenport is also walking distance from the other breweries. This unique brewery is located on the corner in an old gas station/ garage. Their beers are exceptional and they have a cutting edge new canning line that is an experience to see.

Blue Cat Brew Pub is normally closed on Sunday. However, they will open especially to host our group. The kitchen will offer a limited selection. This is quite a unique experience with the layout of this charming brewery/ restaurant. The food is phenomenal and the beer selection is worth this stop in itself.

Bent River Brewing Company is last on the list, but definitely not last in anything else. Their fine selection of beers, quality food menu, beautiful brew kettles and historic building are second to none!

You will stay at an excellent resort one night:

This price includes the compete two day tour with transportation via private motor coach, one night of accommodations, brewery visits/admission to brewery tours, admission to both museums, gratuities and taxes. Also included is a collectable, Made in U.S.A., Beer Tours USA custom designed "Historical Mid-America" T-Shirt to commemorate this event. This price does not include lunches, dinners or drinks.

Robin Fuchs, founder of Beer Tours USA, will serve as your guide and host. Robin is a craft beer aficionado who is delighted to introduce as many people as possible to this homegrown industry. Robin also founded, the only comprehensive nationwide online directory for the American craft brew industry.

To design distinct and educational tours Robin visited hundreds of American-owned craft beer firms. He has personally visited each venue and met with the owner and brewmaster at each location.

Chuck Costello is an experienced home brewer with aspirations to someday own his own microbrewery.

Robin and Chuck are brewing the second ever batch of Beer Tours USA Wheaty Wheaty Blonde Lager for participants on this tour.

"Race Though Indy" Beer Tour

Tap into loads of fun when you join Beer Tours USA on our &ldquoRace Through Indy&rdquo Beer Tour!

With the starting line in Springfield, Illinois, the guided tour will sprint through Illinois to the Indianapolis area, home of &ldquoThe Greatest Spectacle in Racing&rdquo, the Indianapolis 500. You will visit the historic Home Brewing Company Bottling House, Fort Benjamin Harrison, and &ldquoIndiana&rsquos First Brewpub&rdquo. Along the way you&rsquoll pit stop at eight craft beer establishments, visit historic sites, have time to shop, and learn about the role of beer makers in America. And of course, you&rsquoll have the chance to sample some of the best brews in the world.

  • &bull Three Pints Brewpub, Plainfield, IN
  • &bull Black Swan Brewpub, Plainfield, IN
  • &bull Indiana City Brewing Company, Indianapolis, IN
  • &bull Fountain Square Brewing Co., Indianapolis, IN
  • &bull Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery - College Hill, Indianapolis, IN
  • &bull Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Co., Indianapolis, IN
  • &bull Triton Brewing Company, Indianapolis, IN
  • &bull Broad Ripple Brewpub, Indianapolis, IN

Day #1 (Saturday, November 23)

You will leave the starting line from Springfield, Illinois, by private motor coach and arrive at Plainfield, IN where we&rsquoll pit stop at the Three Pints Brewpub, which is known for their excellent beer and traditional pub fare. They are dedicated to ensuring their customer great beer, great food, and outstanding customer service.

Then we dash to Black Swan Brewpub, considered by local beer aficionados, as one of the &ldquoTop 3 Breweries&rdquo in the Indianapolis area and also famous for their upscale signature food menu. They&rsquore driven to provide their customers with a unique culinary experience, delicious beers and warm hospitality.

Being careful not to speed out of the pit, we&rsquoll drive hard and turn left to the Indiana City Brewing Company, in the historic &ldquoHome Brewing Bottling House.&rdquo This historical pit stop brews small-batch hand crafted ales. Starting on the foundation of traditional styles, they take it up a notch with specialty spices, aromatic hops and increased alcohol to create big ales.

Next, we bolt to Fountain Square Brewing Co. in the historic Fountain Square community. Their technical background in Microbiology, Chemistry, and Automation, made up the perfect storm needed to produce quality beer with a higher level of consistency and with improved shelf stability. Their passion for beer and diversity of tastes allows them to craft carefully refined recipes that they know will delight you.

Now, we dart to Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery &ndash College Hill. Rock Bottom won Best Brewpub Group & Brewpub Brewer of the Year - 2013 GABF (Great American Beer Festival). This famous location won a medal - GABF (Silver) for its Naughty Scot. Passionate about pints. Maniacal for malts. Rock Bottom always has been and always will be about the beer. You'll not only enjoy these handcrafted brews you can relish their made-from-scratch food.

Our evening will be spent in historic downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. While famous for fast cars, there is plenty to experience in this &ldquohappening&rdquo town. With captivating sports venues, plentiful stores, restaurants, museums, and a vibrant nightlife, this vacation hot spot is a sight to behold.

You&rsquoll stay at the La Quinta Inn & Suites &ndash Indianapolis Downtown. Just a stone's throw from two professional sporting venues, within minutes of the zoo, premier landmarks, museums, and more shopping than you can possibly handle. Then, after a satisfying day in town, you'll return to your room, complete with all sorts of amenities and comforts, including free high-speed Internet access, free Wi-Fi, 32" LCD TVs with premium cable channels, hairdryers, irons, coffeemakers, and more. You'll also rest your body atop comfortable, plush pillow top beds in a serene setting that will have you dreaming sweetly.

Sunday morning, at the hotel, you&rsquoll enjoy a hot, delicious free Bright Side Breakfast®. With warm waffles, flavorful fruits and bottomless coffee and juice, and more, you'll start the morning off with a bang.

Now we&rsquoll race to Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Co., which greets its guests with a classic lodge feel - exposed beams, concrete floors and warm wood walls, and has the perfect compliment to beer: pizza. Many other award-winning items are included on the menu too. Famous for their great selection of staple beers, seasonal offerings and a hand pulled cask that changes weekly.

Our next pit stop takes us to a &ldquohidden gem&rdquo. Located at the historical former Fort Benjamin Harrison U.S. Army base, where Triton Brewing Company has opened in a renovated 1924 brick barn. Considered by local beer aficionados, as one of the &ldquoTop 3 Breweries&rdquo in the Indianapolis area. Brewer Jon Lang has more than ten years' professional brewing experience and numerous accolades for his craft. This experience and a commitment to use the highest quality water and raw ingredients have found many fans for Triton! We&rsquoll enjoy a tour of the brewery and learn of the amazing history of this World War I era building and the transition into the brewery it is today.

Our last pit stop before our bolt for the finish line is in no way &ldquolast&rdquo in any sense of the word, since Broad Ripple Brewpub is &ldquoIndiana&rsquos First Brewpub&rdquo. You will love the charm of Indy's very first Brewpub, and longest operating microbrewery. Happy Birthday to Broad Ripple Brewpub, which turns 23 on Thursday, November 14 th ! Established in 1990 by Englishman John Hill, born in Middlesbrough in North Yorkshire, and his wife Nancy, a Hoosier native. The Brewpub was designed to recreate a typical English pub with its dark wood paneling, decorative tin ceiling, and cozy fireplace. Delight in lively conversation and camaraderie at the bar good-natured competition in the dart room savor hand crafted beer and a relaxed meal.

You&rsquoll be treated like royalty for one night:

La Quinta Inn & Suites &ndash Indianapolis Downtown

&bull $189 per Person, Double Occupancy

This price includes the complete two day tour with transportation via private motor coach, one night of accommodations, with a hot, delicious free Bright Side Breakfast®, all brewery visits/ admission to brewery tours, gratuities and taxes. Snacks and bottled water will be provided on the motor coach. Also included is a collectable, Made in U.S.A., Beer Tours USA custom designed &ldquoRace Through Indy&rdquo T-Shirt to commemorate this event. This price does not include lunches, dinners or drinks.

Robin Fuchs, founder of Beer Tours USA, will serve as your guide and host. Robin is a craft beer aficionado who is delighted to introduce as many people as possible to this homegrown industry. Robin also founded, the premier comprehensive nationwide online directory for the American craft brew industry.

To design distinct and educational tours Robin visited hundreds of American-owned craft beer firms. He has personally visited each venue and met with the owner and/ or brewer at each location.

Chuck Costello is an experienced home brewer with aspirations to someday own his own microbrewery.

Robin and Chuck have brewed a batch of Beer Tours USA Wheaty Wheaty Blonde Lager for participants on this tour.

LeClaire, Iowa. It's a special place. A place where life on the land is intimately married to the flow of the waters. For centuries, people here have looked to the water for a sense of calm, a spirit of enjoyment and a connection to a heritage that is uniquely their own.

That marriage of land and water is now embodied in a different kind of spirit. We produce liquors hand crafted slow and pure. Born from the finest grains, harvested just up the hill from the distillery. It’s a spirit born of land and water that draws each of us curiously back to a different era. Made for you, not for for the masses.

Mississippi River Distilling Company started in 2010 after two brothers decided to take a chance on a dream. What started as a crazy idea to create truly handcrafted spirits, has grown into one of the top authentic craft distilleries in the country.

16 Tours in Kentucky

Watch the fascinating assembly process of America's favorite sports car, the Chevrolet Corvette, in a one mile walking tour. Observe as robots weld the steel structure and our dedicated workforce adds parts in Trim and Chassis. See an engineering marvel as the chassis and body come together in "marriage." Witness the birth of new Corvettes at First Start and the thrilling drive off the end of the line. We are a handicapped accessible facility.

Buffalo Trace Distillery is located in Franklin County, Kentucky, at an ancient buffalo crossing that became a pathway for westward moving explorers, pioneers and settlers. The bold spirit of Kentucky's ancestors lives on at Buffalo Trace Distillery, which stands as one of America's oldest distilling sites. The site's rugged flavor has been preserved for the benefit of Kentuckians, guests and visitors. The Buffalo Trace Distillery invites you to come and experience Buffalo Trace and feel the soul of adventure that is it legacy.

From 1990 through 2002, over 300,000 people have toured the facilities at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. Visitors have come from as far away as Australia, and from all over the United States, but most of the visitors are Kentuckians. To enhance the existing tour program, TMMK opened an 11,500-square-foot Visitor Center in June 1994.

Take a look around our Visitor Center! Place your mouse over the image and click to explore.

Making bourbon whiskey is a combination of art and science. Essentially a handmade product, Wild Turkey Bourbon?s formulation is highly dependent on the selection of the highest quality ingredients and a commitment to an all-natural process, proper facilities and plenty of time. At Wild Turkey, we make only one brand - the same way, day in and day out, year after year, bottle after bottle.

Watch the manufacture of Old Kentucky Bourbon Cherries aged in 100 proof Jim Beam Bourbon until they are ready to be dipped in semi-sweet dark chocolate. Or watch Old Kentucky Bourbon Chocolates with 100 proof Jim Beam Bourbon blended in a fondant center being made.

Enjoy an opportunity to visit a very historic, picturesque, and immaculately maintained smaller bourbon distillery where things are still done the old-fashioned way including the signature red wax dipping done by hand on the bottling line. See all steps of production of one of the finest bourbons available. Visitors can hand dip their own bottle in a special vat located in the gift shop.

Founded in 1858, the American Printing House for the Blind offers guided tours of its facility. Visitors will see the production of braille publications, the recording of talking books, and a demonstration of special educational aids for visually impaired students. Tour also includes the Callahan Museum which shows the history of education of people who are visually impaired and where visitors may write their names in braille.

Tour length is approximately one hour. Please make advance reservations for groups of ten or more.

The objective of the Glassworks Tour is to assist
our visitors in recognizing the mystery and
beauty of glass, to understand its origins and its
development, as well as to appreciate the artistry
and craftsmanship that goes into each creation.

We hope to accomplish this through inspiration,
sharing of knowledge and demonstration.

Welcome to Louisville Stoneware one of our country's oldest and most revered stoneware manufacturing firms, known previously as Louisville Pottery. Experience with each of our beautiful and unique products our country's finest American handmade and handpainted stoneware, collectables, dinnerware and bakeware. Our historic company in Louisville, Kentucky connects its roots to the early 1800s.

The pattern variations and differences in shading found on our pieces are to be celebrated by discerning collectors such as you for they testify to the distinct quality of each piece of our functional art.

Louisville Water Company (LWC) has provided a safe supply of drinking water to its customers since 1860. Our mission is to be a water industry leader in quality, customer satisfaction, and value.

Louisville Water Company (LWC) provides water to almost 800,000 people in Louisville Metro and parts of Bullitt, Nelson, Oldham, Shelby and Spencer counties. We deliver on average 124 million gallons of water per day.

The Underground Mine Tour is complete. This first-ever underground mine tour in Kentucky will take visitors to the underworld world that miners saw everyday. The mine rehabilitation is engineered by Mining Consulting Services, Inc.

The mine tour can be combined with entry to the Kentucky Coal Mining Museum, about 2 miles north of the mine.

The historic Woodford Reserve Distillery is unlike any other in America. Nestled amid the picturesque horse farms of Central Kentucky, The Woodford Reserve Distillery is the only distillery that crafts its bourbon in copper pot stills and ages it in unique limestone warehouses. Whiskey was first produced on this site in 1812. And it was here that some of America's earliest distilling pioneers perfected their craft.

Welcome to the home of Woodford Reserve, a super-premium small batch bourbon with roots at The Woodford Reserve Distillery* (circa 1812), a National Historic Landmark in the bluegrass region of central Kentucky.


So glad we found this place! The girl at the bar Kate, was phenomenal! Great conversationalist, and she has that charm about her that makes you feel like you’ve known. read more her for years! The Spiced Rum was like bitting into Christmas itself. Then Santa came and delivered even more Christmas miracles! The Vodka was quite possible the Smoothest I’ve Ever tasted! The Bold Coffee Flavored Espresso Rum was like a personalized gift itself (just the right amount of flavor to
Punch, it could definitely put you on the naughty list!)
I highly recommend Hilton Head Distillery to anyone who truly enjoys Quality, professionalism, a great atmosphere, and fantastic service!

Authentic micro brewery serving up world class beers and Bavarian pretzels that are to die for! Highly recommended.

Visited Hilton head Island for a Covid safe spring break. The weather was cooler than expected so we were looking for other activities to engage in. We visited the. read more Hilton head distillery and had a great afternoon. We enjoyed the samples and chatting with the bartenders. Was a great way to spend the afternoon and we even took a couple bottles with us. Highly recommend!

We stopped in for a tasting. Having never been to a distillery before, we weren't quite sure how it. read more

We stopped in for a tasting. Having never been to a distillery before, we weren't quite sure how it all worked or what we wanted to try. However, the two. read more people that were working, Jesse and Kate, were super friendly and helpful with their suggestions! We loved the Toasted Coconut and Spiced Rum! This is definitely worth your time, especially if you're looking for something other than the beach!

We have been here a few times and enjoyed it. The last trip in Feb. 2021 we brought our daughter and her husband for her birthday. We enjoyed the tastings. read more then we purchased a total of 5 bottles of spirits. We enjoy HHD and we were trying to support a local business during these challenging Covid times. I only give 3 stars because when our daughter got home she noticed several fruit flies floating in her Un-opened bottle of Bananas Foster we bought her. We do not live locally so I have written HHD twice asking if there was a way to do something about this, anything, I just wanted some dialog as to what we could do. I'm very disappointed that no one has even bothered to try to contact me. This review is a warning before you purchase a bottle, make sure there is nothing extra in the bottle.

This is a small place off the beaten path but worthy of a stop. HHI distillery is a great way to pass the time during bad weather and the. read more beach plan is not an option. We were pleasantly surprised by the taste and quality of the liquor that is available here. A wooden tasting board is prepared (6 samples) by using the choices you select from their menu of items to try. The tables are spaced apart for good social distancing but this is still a very fun place. We enjoyed all the tastings we tried and the price was reasonable. They have bottles for sale if you find something you want to take with you. The staff was friendly and efficient. We would definitely recommend a visit here!

My husband and I recently stopped in for a tasting flight. They have some really unique flavors including peach and butterscotch flavored whiskeys. I normally don’t care for rum, but. read more the espresso rum and spiced rum are smooth and flavorful. It’s definitely worth the visit.

What a great deal for your money. They give you lots of samples for your tasting. Be prepared to walk out with several bottles because it is that good.

We certainly enjoyed our visit and the ability do some small taste testing up some of the fine products. We did choose some nice whiskey and some good rum. I'll. read more take him back 7 bottles to Georgia with us. thanks Haley for all your help. We had a great visit and some fun storytelling.
A must visit.

My friends and I did a tasting here recently and had a blast. I wish we could have taken the distillery tour - but no go due to COVID.. read more We did taste many of their products and bought quite a few. ALL of the staff was so friendly and helpful and I definitely recommend this place.

We went 1 afternoon exploring and found this on the internet. Our hotel offers a tour but was full the day we planned on going. We decided to venture out. read more ourselves and what a fun time. We toured the small facilities but learned a lot from the woman giving the tour. She also helped with our tasting. Very friendly and knowledgable!
Loved the selection of rums, whiskey, vodka, and gin so tasty. took some home to do a tasting party with friends. Best news. they do ship!
Thanks for a great visit!

Best Flavored Whiskey: Leopold Bros. New York Apple Whiskey

For much of the latter 20th century, flavored whiskeys left a lot to be desired. Often filled with unnatural flavors and coloring agents, many were also sweetened, producing more of a liqueur than a true whiskey. Craft distilleries are returning to the old-fashioned ways and are producing fabulous flavored whiskeys. A leader among them is the Denver, Colorado distillery of Leopold Bros.

The New York Apple Whiskey is a full-proof blast from the past that is well-crafted. Using the distillery’s base whiskey, tart apples from New York State are juiced and blended into the whiskey then aged in former bourbon barrels. The result is a small batch apple whiskey with delicious oak, vanilla, and raisin notes. It’s the perfect choice when you’re exploring recipes in old bartending guides that so often feature apple whiskey.

9 Top Distilleries in Georgia

The American South embraces its moonshine roots, but there’s much more than just moonshine on Georgia’s craft distillery scene. You can also find homegrown vodka, gin, rum, whiskey and bourbon at distilleries around the state that are delicious in cocktails and smooth enough to sip on their own. Drinking local spirits is also a wonderful way to support Georgia businesses and keep the industry going strong. Here are our favorite distilleries that you can visit and sample around the state!


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Lazy Guy Distillery, Kennesaw

This is a craft whiskey distillery in the Atlanta Metro area that’s highly recommended by locals. It’s in the heart of downtown Kennesaw, a town known for its historical roots dating back to the Civil War. The distillery’s buildings are near the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive, so it’s a perfect place to stop while you’re out sightseeing. You can take a free, all-ages tour of the distillery on Saturdays at 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm. It’s also fun to stop by the Spirit Lab here on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays for handcrafted cocktails with the distillery’s spirits. This is a place to come for unique, small-batch whiskey and creative cocktails like Blue Snowflake and Prairie Milk. Lazy Guy whiskey is sold at bottle shops and taverns in the region as well.