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Train cake - train tuc, tuc :))

Train cake - train tuc, tuc :))

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Separate the egg whites from the yolks. We mix the egg whites with the sugar plus a pinch of salt. Then add the yolks, flour mixed with baking powder and finally the oil.

Pour into a cake pan, lined with baking paper and bake for about 40 minutes on low heat.


Mix the yolks with the starch, hot chocolate, whipped cream and cocoa. Put on low heat and mix until thickened. While it cools, rub the butter foam with the sugar and add it spoon by spoon over the cooled mixture.

Assembly :

From the countertop we cut a piece, which will form the freight car :))). We cut the remaining countertop horizontally.

We cut the first piece once more horizontally.

We cut the second piece vertically and we cut the two obtained pieces once horizontally.

Place the largest pieces, syrup them and cover them with cream.

We place the other small countertops forming the cabin of the locomotive. We syrup each one and grease it with cream.

Between the locomotive and the car we put breadsticks, then we put everything in cream. Wallpaper everything with ground walnuts then garnish with whipped cream and biscuits.

A day at Disneyland

Summer, sun, group of Romanian tourists, Paris & # 8230 Disneyland! Children, parents, grandparents & # 8230 what matters! At Disneyland you can only be a child! How were we received? First a wizard & # 8230. no, not like that. Versified it is easier for me to tell the wonderful adventure of a day in Disneyland, with the mood of that time, exuberant and put on the spouses & # 8230

Walt Disney from heaven smiled at us
When the group of tourists in the park arrived.
And Donald jumps on one leg
Because he missed the Romans, he missed them.

The guide is the first and we follow it,
God, like the kids in the valley.

But what to see? Marvel! Come a wizard,
Blow towards us, floating on a light cloud
And all of a sudden I felt,
As adults, we became children.

Sobriety is a lost cause!
We are called innocence forgotten for a long time.
Stay! How old are we? But what does it matter?
Now we are wonderful children.

We make a short stop at Mr. Robinson's
On the island where he stayed on Friday.
But what? Did he marry the hermit?
We better take him with us to Romania.

By the time we left, he said he was thinking.
He tells us goodbye and smiles at us.
We break up and & # 8230 God! What a periochist,
Pirates of the Caribbean are now bypassing us.

We jump into the first boat thinking we have an escape
We are sinking into darkness and the fear is great.

Little! little! There is the sound of rifles
And poor coana-mare really forgets to play!
She thinks she's attacked and her prosthesis is clenched,
And the miller in front also had the milling cutter!

We still get away with it. What more fun we had!
It was an adventure I never dreamed of.
We leave but Donald stops us.
Is it still there? What does he want?

-A rat! I want a duck to know how to cook!
Here in France, where and who can find it?
-Well, leave, we'll find you a brown duck
To make your buds and even a good soup.

Suddenly, Buratino shouted desperately
Like the fox Alisa and mitzu Bazilio plundered him,
But everything is solved when we intervene
Because we all love Buratino.

I'm tired. On the train with us!
We stop from station to station and we are alive again.
The big castles show up in front of us
Other characters also start to come to life.

Take a look at the snow-blown Snow White
When she saw that the young people approached her!
The girls are jealous and hand him an apple
To close his mouth what he misses to kiss.

-Do you want to take our boys? You wouldn't be ashamed,
Did you forget that the prince is coming now on horseback?
-And what? Alba answers. I'm a little bored,
I want a much sexier and damn one!

Hait, the prince is coming, so let's run
Exactly on the train of horror, let it not reach us.
Okay! What's up! It's like a hurricane.
I'm starting to think it's not a train, it's a slide.

You say he's throwing us upside down now
And no matter how hard you try, you get scared here.
And I turn and pirrr, I make myself under us,
And there is no going back.

Iuhuuu! The children squeak as long as their mouths hold
And all over the place
Grandma went crazy.
(That's not what he thought)

His cane jumped right on the corn
And forgetting the label, he swears.
She blushed and was a little scared!
He wouldn't get on the train even once.

But here's a rocket pointing to the sky!
The children are crowded, but hop and coana-mare
What would he want to do in heaven, what is it like?
The conclusion? Not out of fear or bad,
But it's better at home in his bed.

Later, on a disk, large cups are inverted.
We immediately jump into them and they make us so dizzy
As if a giant were coming, they would swallow us,
He would say to us: Hap, we wouldn't even feel it.

From a slope, two big, moving eyes
They follow us in one and we get a little shivering.
We left cautiously, fleeing from their radius
Continuing the adventure, on another corridor.

And so on, flying from place to place
As time went on, I didn't notice at all.
But as nothing is endless
We leave too, with the dream fulfilled.

The wizard forgot about us and slept.
How I wish the spell would not fall apart!
Let's not wake him up. We walk past him.


’ JU20.OQ 30 lZ35: 27-fOy & ltW

Large Infrastructure Operational Program FINANCING APPLICATION

registration of the funding application

To be completed by the Managing Authority / Intermediate Body

Institution: Managing Authority for the Large Infrastructure Operational Program

Name and surname of the person you are asking for.

Call code POlM / S19ra / 1 / ConBolldarea sanitary crisis management capacity COVIR-19

Capacity building D GAS.P.C, Sector 5 do management of the health crisis CDVID-19 on new beneficiaries and employees of residential social centers

Strengthening the capacity to manage the health crisis COVILF.19

Protecting the health of the population in the context of lurking lambs of COVJO-19

Strengthening the capacity to manage the COVID-19 Sanitary Crisis


Consalldsrea c * paelt ^ țll ti G A.S.P C Sector b of gesllunt a crkxel sanitary COViD-19 for beneficiaries and employees! from residential social centers




TititfBuțn putilica others Ri SUCXXTUnea or Suit cuurdorvirRn accounts * ikll lO & ampib'pnnimlui

Lori da înmghlrarn lJKC: ainiL | F

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uaiffl Alin KtlvnMl ne AStSWi'ilu SLxXela. Jute accommodation, n ț.H

Inrețrslral For VAT purposes

t utilate of public rirnfd

BuLu tr ^ li municipality. Rarnanin. Slr Slrada FaHrlca ila ChdtrHixi nr 9 11., | ix1i ^ i.l Biwuruțt. code [»șlBl

diterfcr gmrwfilgf | ijj | Ufipc5 fu

RFPRFZEHTAKTUL LEGAL AL ​​ENTITĂŢII Fitfttllt, Dl-ectOf Genera, Mume: TatalonlFan:, 0313101731

Address of a-malL omi-u vENERALfflDGASPC5.RO

F5E-Sijrne arirntn In contLd plAilnr ntecluate Ir, 0nj cizenț


UNITED NATIONS, in fl-B, LocaUlâle Muncip'.il Bururețli Cod pustei 050127 ^ uruteiph. Rumunia

FS & ampSum pnniiln rn cnnliJ plstfar ale


UNITED NATIONS iv d 5 LWBltlale MunicipiiJ Ni. & Ltjirnțci Cad postai 05 (1172.Hiiiuiiejli,

An in luBihL * sii iJjrifi hiiIwieji

Tihtr VFNIJâ-Impreure for 0 vuita Ui Slgmla

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Nr img oorflrard: POrzilMCliMiM / FM MAR IM 19

Value «UgUrilA bunvnuinr

The Eiltapean Union LEI i * i date of

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Name of the aid measure:

Qbiaclfh 1 OUneral IrrtKJnalAVfM ți deZvutlurea rugurilor ți sorwdltar sadele Fn sccpul f ^ evunUii ni rjnmbalnru, cilrnjiu domHek: ci -i nke riM | luru-il p'in casarea ți dozvodarsa urai rejietnole k etntek k VuCajjuikslă rn Euope rfupternertlra41 program najjmnl RTN protection of vUlllmrtJF VKilente 'dorrKkhao and dnnjlanvi campaigns prrvtirid prevenl th and ccmbatarea tncianţiH domnptica CtbHIdtlV specific prâteclului one ftetlicanM numdnilui victims of violence dorţHAUEX pm oraaraa and dezvottaroa a network niponele Inovfttlve | n4eureta of tacumta 47) In MX41I1J ireitofarulij to a life indMtteKieini: a Vichrmln 'virienjei dnmețllce țl denrtarea Uridf campaigns on the prevention and «xxnlvilixna violent * dcunustioe

RBailtete Ac ■ & gtvne4ea 1 - a national network da kxuiuțe prainjate onnu un Knrd de psrleneriaa mdwloi cu 42 dneulontau locale- ■ 42 de Spad idanti ^ cnle paietei creates houses nrcteinin - 4? ca cdnrrIcnuftw! local Ideas it iveați hi vadarna mai- ți qprvetytXiafaiirii recipe naponsle uiuvaUvra Integrated by rrrlcHwrtfin 4? rJn nxpsrp jlnarx-wn IdentlfiLây In order to crerim ți «ipemiuneftlkti ii rrjuta nwjnn | ^ ele ți d & amptâle căra croevirn rațaeu nn | lcnAlA mnu, alivA Integral * pnnțni iraruiteaii la o vir | a indepeiKlpnlă ol vdimnlor VD - 42 da kieurițe protejate Funcțiorb '- »*. -offering of services ii ilegi ate penlni 756 vkdiirte of VD (252 benuSciamUciu do supply fl SCWiClIlur evenings (up to 1 year | O nclu & ltii3 isii / f bLM | prid3tiftOCiiln | # | xcrieială |. a caztirilOi ld nivcV najicnal ți dn functioning fl JOCvintekx pro & ltc | ola, elaborated and approved d sodinjo regional of pra-ldAntincer »x & lt) LaRuțio r in aarc mi crtM.ira kx inţe piutejute, dasenVitaea niq-col 1f 2-day seminar peiitiu training ccHxnnnalonlr »'iotimlukx protected creation of network of 42 cocrdonatorl locef ItelUrU purification Borvicitar integrated by cuipori penlni MCtnieta VD ui penlni aplr.anța praflramtAjI niițanidl« țj mcirUttjruare (CSMj with the participation of Iraptrtufdcu leteufinte with cmnielan | e in the field of VD iiiSni rpVI horse little 7 prntocwle dd OdstHXBre Fn ij hm ale with instili ^ ă rolnvanm in dcunsixi 6 nxînrurv nta crmtatn jin a morakgiiqtra: - G Mnute ale teUrtUrter ComileliAii do sjiripi si nianocirotire RBZdllate Aclivilkln.i o relua natcmaU rxi 47 hold group dc superi (Tests at natoivjl level. ■ ț pi CxaJurS do Itrcru regarding luncii viran gfUpurihr d »su | XHl for the victims woleiX *« Jonestlce: - woariizwea Linul BStnimar de 2 24a pitnlni & lttnmarea of ​​the 42 CCOidurialon ni hmlnțoirx protected. ■ ■ & ampUpW granted to * U 16BQ of persaunc - victims alo violanjpi | IU hnneAcJSriF per wm) Iti serii da oile dn sedința76 luniiîdluni - 47 & ltM CbOtdcmaterl ăl luCUiiltelui prutețale bonoliciari ai iTonrainLiiii rin tizcînre Răzuitele Activildlisa 4 o promdK-e dfl ică de "il de" complex de n | uoceUonai and orientation pmliK-janaU [lenlru 4200 do Women in v & ampdeiea overcoming situations ^ do Isrjate of domestic trident. ocnștienllteal) who wr teca part of the installments have aa alienated tfc 42 of the group of super penou vtcdmete fans dixrwiMfcd -42 of spedalcdi inlbtinaji p canțtktnlizajj cam voritKxi part dri network nayo & gtia6 of 42 da rjitanflCH of COaljpuU- Ic. 74Pua pr ^ risianinirdln ^ d'ul nutai4nUlix publica curii ruin ți Kxale cere vtxfi Irdixnu-qi ți cxințliamiznțj In IbgAlua cu adtvdfqta prowchllill -ți CU measures of spjijri and notes rimv nrtnn IngislaUve Be the domain of violence dWiieSlice

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Title proluctul ui TEAM-UF Progres In ralllalca Irqi tyriii. ilh «nat.ilivn .. copiftn

Nr de ihrefl | âi1ran & gt «Wlmct: USlUlr 03% Ol 2013

Gata iuneptMii 0B IHdl 2011:

Completion dates: 31 DEC 2023

VaUWea latiUfl project: 2, lsiif. 162.61? 32

Vateare clIgUWIă pmtect: 2,657.1 B2.6li.32

Vatoam elifliblta benuflelar 206.826.11b 03

Lenetary support value: 1 74,720.4 ^ 4 75

Entity: UrHllfiea Europeana

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Bum legal nulionșlt * llnnihrtirea irtasurlr dn njirtcc Act Juridic: ftin. "into the

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GENERAL OBJECTIVE uf pcc. ace cake »

GrBȘletan wiilS | ii italemulia & ltre asislnnlfi social şl a raimfirului de BSistenț ipateritell Iu niwM ocr »inilă | ii. put urironuceiaH du vi & amptnjrannre and procedures p by friiburtatâ | jrea nveluhi rin OOrnpntei i | t? al | vofesitxiițllk.T from the system. In «this soite, will E fuinvtț tolj ct * apmrimalrv 11 01X3 du astotanty matorinab ucliv as țl paste 4M0 r.n FreBlenty rtiaiemsil which I will be anga | n | i pci ptniuarta du Imptementara a ptciectulLi Fri varierea actusiw). etii elaborate oparațonalc, which will be Applicable ul Pbllgaluri 1n BCthritafea desfnțizelă ne W: î «n | ii maleniaii Ottedivele« pcrjnce ale pnxuliJUI

I Specific Objective 1 - Increasing the social irritant of aool) eii | â social through the development and irTirruJucarea a Ml of prouuduin upwn | innflle intended ach'atâr.ț carried out dțtasibtuntyi uxitemall, put si_is | lirern, i a prQQfwndd rcuru, point code and desllnal sporlBlItylitac In dunicmn and pm creating a dated piDlfnima te ntwil riuțuiifll something wn | mci modules dn education dlQikilâ

09 December 2011

Bibi, or how the mountains move

Some time ago we asked you if you want to put your shoulder to some mountain moves. Well, from tomorrow a mountain will rush towards us and for a week it will be much easier to put your shoulder to this Herculean work.

For a week Bibi will have dedicated numbers for texting and calls. You can donate 2 Eur by a simple SMS to 848 - how long will it take? five minutes? even. and you can save the life of a child who already has a donor but still needs money. 140,000 euros for a lifetime, the amount of which 36,293 euros have been collected so far.

Sounds cruel a life put in numbers, right? Read his story here and a knot will get in your throat. Because we are human and our emotions and feelings dominate our lives and that is why I say to turn to your human side and together move this mountain for Bibi, for his chance at life.

Take the story further, write and tell about this week of dedicated issues, put up banners. donati! Give yourself a drop of life.

You can also donate through Romtelecom, forming:
0 900 900 301- 10 euro / call
0 900 900 303 & # 8211 3 euro / call
0 900 900 305 & # 8211 5 euro / call

* No VAT is charged.

Attention: The numbers come into force on December 10 and are valid until December 16 at 24:00!

The Romanian Parents Foundation and the Philips Foundation offer free ultrasounds and health care education for vulnerable communities in Transylvania

The program funded by the Philips Foundation, with the support of Philips Romania, brings innovative technology to 24 communities with reduced access to medical services

Bucharest, December 11, 2019 - The Romanian Parents Foundation, in partnership with the Philips Foundation and with the support of Philips Romania, is launching an initiative to expand access to specialized medical services for vulnerable social groups in Transylvania. As part of the program, a team of doctors will visit 24 communities in Cluj and Alba counties to provide free consultations and ultrasounds, educational activities on health care for adults and children, as well as training sessions for parents dedicated to preventing the most common diseases. The program will run until the end of July 2020.

The program aims to contribute to improving the quality of life and medical care provided to patients with a high degree of vulnerability, as well as to reduce the incidence of certain pathologies that can be diagnosed or monitored on an outpatient basis through telemedicine solutions.

The studies carried out by the Romanian Parents Foundation among the inhabitants of the targeted communities show that 90% of the respondents have not had an ultrasound in the last 3 years. Also, the 20,000 inhabitants of the localities included in the program do not have regular means of transport to get to the hospital, and the medical staff is insufficient.

"Access to specialized health care is still a major brake on raising the standard of living for many rural communities. In addition to the lack of specialized staff and infrastructure needed even for basic medical investigations, there is a lack of regular transport to cities where patients have access to such services, as well as factors such as age, low incomes and chronic diseases that can reduce mobility. In such communities, there are patients with chronic diseases who have not had ultrasounds for 10 years or not at all. Through the programs of the Romanian Parents Foundation, we identify solutions that can improve the lives of families and children in our country, and this program connects patients with doctors and the care they need for a better life, "he said. Cristina Grigore, Executive Director of the Romanian Parents Foundation.

As part of the program, a team of four specialists conducts free consultations for 800 children and adults, using the Lumify by Philips mobile ultrasound ultrasound solution, which allows the use of smartphones for rapid examination with high accuracy.

"It is an honor to support programs that improve the lives of people and communities in Romania through the work of the Philips Foundation and to meet some of their most pressing health needs. Access to high quality health care is a key factor in the sustainable socio-economic development of vulnerable communities. We support the program developed by the Romanian Parents Foundation with equipment, knowledge and expertise of the Philips team through the Philips Foundation and we want to take a step forward, in the direction of forming healthy communities through innovative technology. We look forward to bringing more technology and care

close to the families who need them ", says Jens-Jakob Gustmann, Sales Leader Central and Eastern Europe, Philips.

The project also includes information activities for the 800 beneficiaries and 10 training sessions dedicated to parents, in order to increase the level of education related to prevention in areas such as breastfeeding, diversification, vaccination, childhood diseases, community diseases, child development and healthy eating. The sessions will be accompanied by educational materials accessible to all residents of the communities.

Video: Trenu Tuc Tuc. Trenolino. Nelu Stratan. Train Zug Паравозик Treno